Telephone systems and telecoms in Cardiff

Since we launched DataKom in 2007, we’ve worked with many clients from different industries. Each of which meant that we had to solve unique challenges - and the Cardiff area is no different.

Every new business we took on-board needed that personal time we spent with them.

Hence, why we offer hard-to-match business telecom services - always using the latest phone system technology and equipment.

All businesses have their unique requirements, so we spent time to create truly bespoke telecom packages, to fit with your needs. Whether you’re a small business employing five people or a multi-site large enterprise - we can help. We combine cutting edge technology with expertise, so you know you’ll get the best possible service.

With us you get cutting edge technology and expertise - that’s why our award-winning team is trusted by over 2000 clients across the UK.

Bespoke and professional service

Good communication is at the heart of every business - staying connected with employees and answering client enquiries takes place almost 24/7. No business can afford to compromise on telecom services.

We recognise the need for quality in all aspects of our work - from offering the latest technology and equipment, to partnering up with market leaders. In fact, we work closely with Ericsson-LG to offer a full range of cutting-edge, wired and wireless telecom and networking technologies:

- Hosted and hybrid telephone systems

- Flexible cloud-based phone systems

- Business mobile phones and plans

- Bespoke broadband packages

What makes DataKom stand out from other Cardiff-based telecom companies?

We offer an end-to-end solution and, by understanding what’s important to your business, we’ll put together the right telecom package.

Over the past 10 years we’ve worked with over 100 businesses in Cardiff, and each one of them would agree they get an unmatched level of professional service.

In Cardiff, each client gets:

- South Wales-based account manager

- Local award-winning support team

- Certified on-call engineers

- Bespoke telecom solutions

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you visit us in Cardiff and help us find the best solution?

Yes - our local team always consults with new clients. We’ll discuss your requirements and see how best to meet your needs and expectations.


2. When switching to DataKom, can we keep our existing phone numbers?

Yes - you can keep your phone numbers as they belong to your business. We have porting arrangements with 98% of UK carriers, so switching is easy.

3. How quickly can you get our system up and running?

Installation time varies a lot, and depends on the system, your requirements, and size of your business. Smaller systems are usually installed within one working day.


4. We expect to grow quite quickly, how easy is it to scale up your systems?

If you have a multi-site operation we would recommend private or public-based cloud service as it will ensure you have complete scalability. Alternatively, if you have a hardware-based system we can create IP links between the sites to allow for inter-site calls.

Cardiff - the business and technology centre of Wales

Cardiff is the largest city in Wales and the tenth largest in the UK, with a rich history stretching back to the Roman conquest of Britain.

In the 19th century, the economy of Cardiff benefited most from coal exportation and steel production. Indeed, Cardiff’s port became the world’s most important coal port, handling more than London and Liverpool.

Today, Cardiff relies principally on the retail, finance, media and tourism sectors, and has been undergoing major regeneration since the establishment of the Welsh Assembly Government in the city in 1999.  Since then, the city has seen major investment from the public and private sector making it a preferred location for professionals and big multi-million enterprises.

Technology such as mobiles, phone systems and broadband are key for modern business - and we’re well positioned to help with those services.  In Cardiff, our award-winning team of telecom experts aims to deliver unmatched telecom services.

"As a school, telecoms are an integral part of how we communicate with parents & carers. We need the ability to update school announcements regularly and manage absentee messages. Our new phone system allows us to easily do both and much more, saving loads of tim and inconvenience. Since choosing DataKom as our telecoms provider, we found that they were worlds apart from our previous supplier as far as support, customer service, flexibility & price. If you’re a school and require a reliable, responsive and helpful telecoms partner, then DataKom is for you"

Kings Monkton School - Stuart Steer

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