Author: Samuel Sturgiss

Beaujolais Day

DataKom sponsor – Beaujolais Day 2019 26th November 2019

Every year DataKom celebrate Beaujolais Day with other businesses in the local area – this year as well as taking part we were one of the sponsors, sharing the event with others such as Educ8, A&R cleaning, DWA, B2B IT Services and Flex. This year we spend the day at Bar 44 in Cowbridge where […]

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Technology to improve

Technologies to improve the hospitality industry 20th November 2019

The hospitality is a highly competitive industry – staying up to date with popular technology trends is vital to make sure your customers are kept happy and comfortable when visiting your business. Here are some popular technology strategies to keep track of to ensure your business stays up to date and is fully efficient: Fibre […]

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Ashley’s 5-year celebration at DataKom! 14th November 2019

DataKom are always expanding and looking to take on highly motivated people, however we can’t forget the people who have been a part of the DataKom team for a few years – for instance this is Ashley’s fifth year at DataKom! He started his DataKom journey back in 2014, and from there he has grown […]

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VoIP for small business

Growing a small company with VoIP and with modern strategies 13th November 2019

It can be a tough fight in the business world, with competitors left, right and centre! There can be a lot to take on – so if you’re facing this challenge you need to make sure you go into it with the best chances possible. Small businesses have many opportunities to allow themselves to grow […]

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DataKom award

DataKom – Winners of ‘Global Best Partner of the Year’ award! 8th November 2019

Each year, Ericsson-LG host a global conference across the globe – for their top partners to attend & learn more about the up and coming strategy, product set & future to expect, whilst providing a great networking opportunity with other businesses within the telecoms industry from different countries. To our surprise this year DataKom were […]

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Guest WiFi

What is Guest WiFi for your business? 7th November 2019

Utilising Guest WiFi for your business is an incredible marketing tool that allows you to implement compliant WiFi to any business, café or facility which allows visitors, customers or guests to gain access to a WiFi connection. You have the choice to offer a free or paid WiFi connection, with complete wireless accessibility, built for […]

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First provider to launch 4G network in London underground 28th October 2019

Vodafone are the first UK operator to announce that they will be working with Transport for London to lead and implement a new 4G network throughout the London Underground tunnels and station platforms. Starting at the Jubilee Line, which will stretch from Westminster to Canning Town – also covering ticket halls and public corridors. Transport […]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VOIP Services 24th October 2019

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol – also commonly known as IP telephony. This technology & service delivers voice communication and multimedia sessions over an internet service, this provides far more advanced features compared to a traditional phone system. When it comes to a VoIP telephone system, people often have similar questions […]

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ISDN switch off

Why it is important NOT to ignore the ISDN switch-off! 18th October 2019

BT announced that they will be switching off its PSTN and ISDN networks in 2025 in favour of IP voice services, with a gradual phase-out of the older systems starting in 2020. At this point, BT will cease taking ISDN orders, and all businesses will be forced to find other IP-based options for their business […]

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Cloud telephony

Four uses of technology that will transform any business 15th October 2019

Today’s modern world is so fast paced it can be hard to keep up with the trends – so it would be wise to adopt some current modes of technology to transform your business. There are plenty of strategies you can take on board to take advantage of and benefit any person or business – […]

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