Yealink CP960

Review of the Yealink CP960 15th May 2019

Today one of our very own telecommunication engineers reviewed the Yealink CP960 conference VoIP phone systems. Here are a few of its unique features. Conferencing made easy The Yealink CP960 conference phone could not make your conference calls more simple. With some of its outstanding features such as its built-in touch screen navigation, wireless microphones, HD speakers and […]

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What is VOIP? 18th January 2019

What are the benefits of VoIP? VoIP calling stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it allows users to make free or very low-cost calls over the internet. So, an early example of VoIP would be Skype for personal use. VoIP in a business is a better scaled version – where you can have proper […]

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Mobile Device Management Explained 17th January 2019

As working practices have evolved the need for employees to work remotely has increased.  Employees need to access company information wherever they are at any time. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that allows a companies IT department to control, secure and enforce company policies on smartphones, tablets and other devices.   Mobile Device Management […]

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5 signs your business needs a new phone system 20th December 2018

Technology evolves at a faster rate every year and people are usually quick to adopt. Unfortunately, companies usually are a lot slower in that regard, especially when it comes to upgrading their processes. Sometimes, the reason is existing systems work fine, or because cutting costs is important. After all if it isn’t broke why fix […]

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tips for migrating your business telecom services

6 top tips for migrating your business telecom services when moving office 18th December 2018

It is exciting as a growing business to relocate to a larger office. But there are many factors to consider other than space – such as the building infrastructure, cabling requirements and broadband speeds. With the average office move costing £10,000 upwards, it is important to identify any issues before the move. The following tips […]

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How Much Does A Business Phone Line Cost? 10th November 2018

Business phone lines are an essential part of business. We’ve written a few times on our blog about them – for example why phone lines are still important, and advantages of landlines over mobile phones. When it comes to the price of a phone line, the costs can vary. You can often find a very […]

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Tech and the recruitment industry

What opportunities can technology offer the recruitment industry 14th September 2018

The recruitment industry continues to grow year on year. In 2017 alone, Companies House recorded the launch of 5,824 new recruitment businesses, which was a 20% increase over the previous year. Advances in digitalisation and a more dynamic UK job market is making it easier and more accessible than ever to set up a business. […]

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Can slow internet affect business growth? 7th September 2018

For many businesses, growth signals success. It creates new opportunities, increases customers and generates greater profits. Some companies may not consider internet speed as a factor in business growth. In fact, the speed of a company’s internet can have a substantial impact on its operations and overall success. Your internet connection has never been more […]

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Types of new digital technologies. DataKom

Is your wireless network prepared for new digital technologies? 30th August 2018

Adopting a digital transformation strategy to your business can improve operations, customer experience and ultimately increase profitability. Cloud computing, the internet of things and artificial intelligence are all transforming the way businesses operate. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the unity of smart devices with many requiring an internet or data connection to transmit data […]

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How to work faster and smarter with the cloud

How to work faster and smarter with the cloud 22nd August 2018

Many businesses are now adopting cloud technology and taking advantage of many organisational tools. These range from invoice management applications to innovative telephone systems and unified communications. These tools are increasingly available on cloud-based platforms such as SalesForce, Sage Online, SaaS and Office365. But what, exactly, is the cloud? The “cloud” is essentially the internet. […]

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