How can SMS message improve your business? 17th July 2019

SMS is a text messaging service component of most telephone, internet, and mobile device systems. It uses standardised communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages. An intermediary service can facilitate a text-to-voice conversion to be sent to landlines. DataKom SMS is the powerful tool you use to directly communicate with customers […]

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5 features on KloudPBX to boost your team’s performance 9th July 2019

These 5 features of KloudPBX will benefit your team’s performance inside and out of the office. Whether they assist in keeping in touch with customers whilst away from your desk, or recording and tracking calls to ensure you never miss a call again! KloudPBX provides a full range of unique features to boost your business’s […]

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How voicemail to email can improve business performance 1st July 2019

Sitting in your office waiting by your telephone all day can be challenging, especially in the modern fast paced world we live in. With voicemail to email, this feature allows voicemails left on your work phone to be saved as an audio file and emailed to an email address or addresses that you set up notifying you […]

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guest wifi

How can guest WiFi benefit your business? 25th June 2019

Guest WiFi is a provided service by a business that offers their customers, free or paid internet access. With complete wireless accessibility built for multi-users, meaning guests will be able to access the internet at the location of the facility. “Do you have WiFi?” is a popular question many businesses get asked. In fact, as […]

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Mobile Twinning 18th June 2019

Mobile Twinning is a feature that uses KloudPBX, allowing the user to link their office handset to their smartphone or mobile device. This means that whenever their work handset rings, so will the “twinned” phone. If the call isn’t answered on either device, the office phone system will pull the call back and put the caller […]

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What does your voicemail say about your business? 11th June 2019

What is a voicemail? Voicemail is the audio message attendant you hear when you call a company or business and no-one answers. It normally provides information about the business and the next step the caller needs to take to contact the business if the phone line is busy or unattended. It will advise the caller […]

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Why is call tracking important? 7th June 2019

How much revenue did you lose today? You don’t know, but we can help. Averagely 85% of customers calls are missed and they don’t receive a call back. This means you’re potentially losing out on a huge amount of potential customers and sales. By integrating an essential business tool that can decrease that percentage, allowing […]

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Yealink CP960

Review of the Yealink CP960 15th May 2019

Today one of our very own telecommunication engineers reviewed the Yealink CP960 conference VoIP phone systems. Here are a few of its unique features. Conferencing made easy The Yealink CP960 conference phone could not make your conference calls more simple. With some of its outstanding features such as its built-in touch screen navigation, wireless microphones, HD speakers and […]

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What is VOIP? 18th January 2019

What are the benefits of VoIP? VoIP calling stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it allows users to make free or very low-cost calls over the internet. So, an early example of VoIP would be Skype for personal use. VoIP in a business is a better scaled version – where you can have proper […]

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Mobile Device Management Explained 17th January 2019

As working practices have evolved the need for employees to work remotely has increased.  Employees need to access company information wherever they are at any time. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that allows a companies IT department to control, secure and enforce company policies on smartphones, tablets and other devices.   Mobile Device Management […]

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