Top 5 cloud-based tools every business should adopt 13th June 2017

Disruptive cloud-based tools have made many businesses more agile. A lot of things once done on-premises can now be achieved a lot more easily online. Once you have the basics set up, such as phone systems and broadband, there’s still a lot you can do to make your business work more efficiently. But with so […]

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10 common cloud-based phone system myths – busted 5th June 2017

Effective communication is essential to any successful business. Many businesses already have a traditional phone system, but as technology is constantly evolving, many are moving their phone system online. A cloud-based phone system offers a flexible, feature-rich experience and great service. But understandably many queries arise, such as what happens if the internet goes down. […]

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Can your rural business’s telecoms be improved? 24th January 2017

The UK is bottom in Europe for Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and ranks 54th in the world for availability of 4G coverage. As telecom services have become a fundamental part of daily life, expectations around the quality of service have risen. Businesses are reliant on tech, efficient communication and the cloud, so high-quality and […]

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Cloud telephony explained 12th December 2016

Cloud Telephony – Is this the future of your business? Business Cloud Telephone Systems (also referred to as VOIP/Hosted), are becoming more and more dominant in the business world of late. There are a few factors for this, with the most pressing one being the impending BT ISDN Switch off. All Businesses with ISDN now […]

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Running Your Business With Fast Data

Running Your Business With Fast Data 4th December 2016

The ability to connect to the internet is essential to every business – but more so for companies that rely on cloud based services or those that download and upload a lot of content. If you’re unsure what to go for, we’ll listen and advise you on the type of broadband and connectivity you need. […]

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How slow internet speeds can impact productivity 22nd July 2016

How much bandwidth does your business need? The majority of businesses now need a reliable, fast internet connection. Slow internet speeds cannot only impact employee productivity but the quality of customer service you offer can be impacted i.e. using applications on your website. The internet is vital for day to day operations such as accessing […]

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