The benefits of Internet phone calls

The benefits of a hosted VoIP telephone 20th January 2021

Technology is always advancing, into bigger and better, faster and more reliable and with hosted telephony becoming more popular it is easy to say it is the future of telecommunication. With millions of businesses across the world adopting VoIP, their comms have never been more efficient than ever! However, do you know the benefits in […]

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Robust telephony for the educational sector

Robust telephony for the educational sector 13th January 2021

Telecommunications are a vital part of how most people communicate, so ensuring you have an ideal and robust solution within your campus is vitally important. Our telephone systems are designed to deliver users the upmost satisfactory experience – with built-in flexibility and features to ensure a secure comms environment. Why should schools have great telecommunications? […]

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Celebrating World Technology Day

Celebrating World Technology Day 6th January 2021

Being world technology day, we thought there was no better time to discuss modern technologies such as telephony and how they have impacted the business world with its development. Back in 1876, on the 10th of March, the first-ever phone call was made by a gentleman called Alexander Graham Bell. (The inventor of the telephone) […]

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medical practice telephone solution

The benefit of call management at your medical practice 17th December 2020

Good communication tools continue to be essential for medical practices and adopting the best call management technologies never more important. For instance, does your practice use a hosted telephony solution? If not, here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading your system to help you future-proof your medical centre. Benefits of hosted telephony […]

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on hold attendant

Making your business special this year with a festive on hold attendant 15th December 2020

What is the first thing customers do when they want to speak with a business? They contact them with a phone call. Our next question is, what is the first thing your customers are greeted with when they dial your number? If your immediate answer isn’t, they reach the auto-attendant – you may need to consider […]

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Remote conference calling

Remote conference calling 2nd December 2020

As we have mentioned from recent posts, more and more people are working remotely, whether it’s from their homes, public venues such as coffee shops, or even from their vehicle. We know the importance of business conference calling, so here are a few tips on how to maximise your remote conference calling. Working from home […]

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Telecoms provider in Wales

Telecoms provider in Wales 25th November 2020

Are you struggling to find the right business telecoms provider in Wales? Then look no further, as DataKom are specialists in supplying businesses, large or small, with the ideal communications solution for their needs. DataKom has been connecting businesses across Wales since 2007, and we have proven our value by developing relationships with organisations that […]

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VoIP for medical practice

Healing your medical practice with VoIP 18th November 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, medical practices, GP’s and hospitals have never been so busy. So, it is vital that all medical practices are up to date and satisfied with their telecommunications for them to work efficiently whilst retaining strong communication with their patients. What do you need to do to upgrade your […]

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4 Benefits of Remote Working

4 Benefits of Remote Working 5th November 2020

As 2020 slowly comes to an end we are experiencing a lot of businesses allowing their staff to work remotely such as in their own homes or other locations. Doing this comes with a handful of benefits for both the staff and businesses, below is a list of four benefits from working remotely. Less travel […]

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Homeworking is set to stay 22nd September 2020

As homeworking is set to stay, business-grade connections for remote stay could be the answer to cutting costs and excelling in the ‘new normal’. UK businesses have adapted enormously since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Almost overnight, they were forced to send workforces home and establish new remote working protocols. So much about the infrastructure, processes, […]

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