what is a cloud phone system

What is a Cloud-based Phone System and how can it benefit your business? 10th September 2019

From 2025, ISDN and PSTN networks will be things of the past. Why? Because BT is going to slowly start phasing them out from 2020 (yes, that soon) and switch them all off completely in 2025. In other words, if your business isn’t using an alternative business telephone system by 2025, you could find yourself […]

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business telephone

Between business communication – how much of it is over the phone? 2nd September 2019

In the business world, communication is key – that’s why whatever mode of communication you use to connect with your customers and clients it needs to be its very best and easy for all the users to understand. A whopping 80% of business communication takes place over the telephone, so it is vitally important that […]

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advantages of voip

7 advantages of a VoIP telephone system in your business 29th August 2019

VoIP stands for voice-over-internet-protocol or better known as – telephone services over the internet. With a high-quality internet connection, you can make your calls over an internet connection instead of using a traditional phone system. Small or large businesses can hugely benefit from using a VoIP solution as it can provide several great advantages, many of […]

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10 top tips to improve Wi-Fi performance 19th August 2019

We live in a highly technical world where the demands for being connected to the internet are higher than ever. For many of us, Wi-Fi availability and Wi-Fi performance are a consideration when choosing what Café, bar or restaurant to visit – even barber shops, supermarkets and public transport are feeding our hunger for Wi-Fi […]

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video conference call

How video conferencing can save your workforce time and money 13th August 2019

There were days when businesses used to operate within confined boundaries. Today, geographical restrictions are diminished with businesses going an extra mile to grab the attention of customers across the UK and beyond. All thanks to the advancement in technology and the forever growing need for visual collaboration and video conferencing that is here to […]

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cost of missed calls

Do you know the real cost of missed calls? 6th August 2019

According to a BT survey, a massive 85% of potential customers won’t call back if their call goes unanswered first time and it’s estimated the cost of missing just one customer call is around £1,200. This result’s to approximately a £90m loss for UK small and medium-sized businesses through unavailability when a potential customer call. […]

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business telephone

Business communication – Which ones you should consider 30th July 2019

Communication for business is essential, whatever mode of communication you use to connect with your customers and clients needs to be its very best and easy for both you and your customer to use and understand. A whopping 80% of business communication takes place over the phone, so its vitally important that your business has […]

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outdated telephone

A nostalgic look back at influential business technology 25th July 2019

Technology has evolved rapidly, and it’s still advancing. Globally, businesses can function more efficiently than ever, with an increase of innovative and cutting-edge products available on the market. Software and devices such as the smartphone, 5G, VoIP and cloud-based phones have connected businesses globally and helped them increase their profits.   But it’s easy to […]

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mobile phone text message

How can SMS message improve your business? 17th July 2019

SMS is a text messaging service component of most telephone, internet, and mobile device systems. It uses standardised communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages. An intermediary service can facilitate a text-to-voice conversion to be sent to landlines. DataKom SMS is the powerful tool you use to directly communicate with customers […]

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kloudpbx features

5 features on KloudPBX to boost your team’s performance 9th July 2019

These 5 features of KloudPBX will benefit your team’s performance inside and out of the office. Whether they assist in keeping in touch with customers whilst away from your desk, or recording and tracking calls to ensure you never miss a call again! KloudPBX provides a full range of unique features to boost your business’s […]

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