Rise of technology in the education sector

The rise of technology in the education sector 14th August 2018

The traditional classroom consisted of blackboards, chalk and textbooks. But as technology continues to develop in workplaces, it is inevitable there will be advancements in how education is delivered to young people. It is estimated that schools now spend £900m on education technology every year, with the average classroom utilising laptops, tablets and interactive whiteboards. […]

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The impact of missed calls for your business 13th August 2018

While the internet, email and social media are all powerful tools for businesses communication, they lack the same efficiency as the telephone. Customers often find it much easier to deal directly with a person. A phone call is still a popular communication method with innovative technology evolving the way we can make a call. Businesses […]

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5 reasons why phone calls are still important for businesses 7th August 2018

There are many ways for businesses to connect with customers: social media, help desks, online support systems to name a few. This might may indicate that phone calls are no longer important. But are they? Other means of communication may be available, but nothing can replace the personal touch and the reassurance a customer can […]

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6 things to consider when moving office 1st August 2018

Moving office can be a stressful time for any organisation. Whether you’re downsizing or looking for something with a bit more space, there are many considerations to take into account. A seamless move can be hard to nail down but with the right planning and the correct resources, you can limit the amount of disruption […]

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AI explained. DataKom

What exactly is AI and how is it transforming business collaboration? 30th July 2018

The current view that AI is an all-changing, end-of-world event and something to be feared is misplaced. Few really understand the practical changes that we’ll see in our day-to-day working lives due to AI, or the benefits that AI could bring to organisations. AI can take many forms. In our home, technology advancements allow you […]

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KloudPBX conference phone from DataKom

10 things we love about the new KloudPBX conference phone 20th July 2018

10 things we love about the new KloudPBX conference phoneVoice conversations remain the primary and most direct way we interact with others. Working remotely is on the rise and conference calling is a popular communication method to stay in touch. The new KloudPBX conference phone is a leader in VoIP innovation and offers a unified […]

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6 ways to grow your dental practice

6 Ways To Grow Your Dental Practice 6th July 2018

As technology advances, it is important to embrace it and stay ahead. Recent developments have changed the way business is conducted and redefined how companies operate. Everyone needs dental care but competition is high, so setting yourself above the rest is key to growing a successful practice. New technologies are driving traditional workplaces to transform […]

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3 cloud tech trends that support remote working

3 cloud technology trends which support remote working 28th June 2018

New technologies are driving traditional workplaces to transform and support smarter, flexible working. There has been a significant rise in flexible working over the years. Research suggests that 70% of organisations will have adopted flexible working by 2020, while businesses who have already implemented technology to support mobile working have reported a 50% increase in […]

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Transform your customer service with iCall Suite 21st June 2018

iCall Suite is a call reporting and analytics application which integrates with your cloud-based phone system. Organisations can monitor business call metrics by accessing real-time reports, intuitive dashboards and visual wallboards via live coloured tiles that are optimised for mobile devices. This powerful tool produces a full suite of reports that are designed to give […]

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Innovative technology trends changing the workplace

Innovative technology trends changing the workplace 15th June 2018

Just as the industrial revolution changed the world, recent advances in technology have changed the way business is conducted and redefined how companies operate. AI-based devices such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa are already changing the way we socially interact with the internet – and with the objective of saving time and effort. Interestingly […]

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