Guest WiFi as a powerful marketing tool 15th December 2017

Have you considered using WiFi as a tool to attract new customers? In universities, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, airports, healthcare institutions, any large public facility, accessing WiFi is often expected. Our need to be online is acknowledged across the board. Regardless of whether you have your own large marketing department, or simply doing it yourself, […]

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What is HD Voice and how does it deliver better call quality? 8th December 2017

You may recognise the term ‘HD’ (high definition) from seeing it on your TV, but it’s also used to describe other improved technologies. HD Voice offers crystal clear voice calls compared to traditional call audio. It provides high-quality conversations and effectively eliminates background noise – with the correct equipment and setup in place. A report […]

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Here’s what icall suite – call management software – can do for your business 29th November 2017

The icall suite application integrates with your phone system, offering your business greater insight and control of your communications. Users can view real-time and historical call data, see the status of other extensions and caller activity. Having access to all that information means you can run your business more efficiently and identify areas for improvement. […]

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7 steps to growing your small business 23rd November 2017

1. Define your values Knowing your company goals and strengths are key elements of putting together a growth strategy. Before you try to expand, think about what makes your company unique and what the business values are. Establish the core values, whether it’s honesty, innovation, excellent service or transparency. When you know the strengths and […]

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Everything you need to know about 5G

Everything you need to know about 5G 14th November 2017

Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data through downloading files, browsing the web and watching videos. We all expect to receive instant and super-fast speeds when using the internet. Whilst 4G has offered people the best speeds for their browsing so far, it will not be able to cope with streaming services, apps […]

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it’s important that your business prioritises the right features when it comes to choosing a phone system.

How to prioritise business phone features 6th November 2017

While the internet, email and social media are all powerful tools for businesses communication, they lack the same efficiency as the telephone. Customers find it much easier to deal directly with a person. So, it’s important that your business prioritises the right features when it comes to choosing a phone system. 94% of all marketing […]

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How music on hold can benefit your business 30th October 2017

Customers are the most important aspect to any business – without customers a business wouldn’t exist, so their satisfaction is essential. It can be necessary to place a customer on hold particularly during busy periods, and that can have a negative impact on satisfaction. So it’s beneficial to make their wait as content as possible. […]

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How you can cut the cost of your telephone systems

How you can cut the cost of your telephone systems 16th October 2017

An effective telephone system is crucial for your business. But, what if you’re overpaying? Most businesses handle large numbers of outgoing calls speaking to clients, for sales purposes and attending to their customers – racking up the bills every month. Figures suggest that there is an average overspend of 30 – 40% on telecom bills. […]

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5 benefits of call recording for SMEs 3rd October 2017

Recording calls through a call recording system is a cost-effective solution to better understanding the needs of your customers. Calls are saved in the businesses cloud and are easily accessed. DataKom’s cloud-based systems come with call recording capabilities, without the need of dedicated equipment in the office. It’s a good asset for small to medium […]

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How important is high speed broadband for your business? 4th September 2017

The internet is incredibly powerful in the modern business world, with many already embracing new technology. A high-speed connection is essential for efficient day to day operations such as using cloud based tools, IP telephony, applications and file transfers. Unfortunately, without the right foundations, these products will struggle to work for a business – prompting […]

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