Date published 08/05/17      Written by Heather Ball @ DataKom

Common Billing Queries

So if you've recently started service or transferred to Datakom then I'm confident to assume one of the reasons might be the cost savings. So it's important for you to understand your new bill to see those monthly savings take effect!

To help you understand the basics of your monthly bill I’ve summarised a few FAQs in this blog. Alternatively, our helpful billing team are on always on hand should you need further information or want to discuss anything further.

First Bill Shock…

So you've had your first monthly bill from Datakom and ...'uh oh.. This is more than I was expecting per month... ' - this is something that I like to call 'First Bill Shock' - it's not uncommon but fortunately very easy to explain.

Telecom services are billed in advance, therefore if your services become live, say in March, your first bill would show a part month charge for March and also your April charge in advance as normal. This is why your first bill often appears higher than expected.. rest assured your next bill should just show one month service charge.

Which leads nicely to the next FAQ...

What are my service charges exactly?

Many customers do not look at page 2 of their bill. Page 2 shows the breakdown of the costs on the page 1 summary.

Many initial queries can be instantly resolved by looking at page 2 as you will see a complete breakdown of your services (including any full and part months as discussed above) and calls.

We appreciate that the items listed on page 2 of your bill are not always easily understood - Which is why since February 2017 we now call every new customer to ensure you understand your bill fully.

We are also currently working on amending descriptions in our billing system to make them a little more customer friendly and hopefully this will be in place within the next 6 months - in the meantime here are a few common services:

  • Business 2+ Single Line - Premium Line Rental

  • WLR Basic SL - Basic Line Rental

  • IPDC channel - Sip Lines

  • WLR I2e Digital System Channel - ISDN lines

  • TTB ADSL2+ SMPF 75G – 75G Broadband

  • Fibre 100: xDSL Line Rental – 100G Fibre Broadband

What are the Features and Directory Entries?

We often get asked about charges such as:

WLR Dir Entry - Bold – Local – a type of Directory Entry

WLR Caller Display – a type of feature

When we transfer your lines to Datakom we perform a 'like for like' transfer. This basically means that any features or services that are currently on your line - some of which you may not be aware of - transfer over to Datakom with your line. I’m sure you'll agree this is best practice to ensure that you don't lose any important features imperative to your business. These will be billed at our standard rates (which can be found on our website). If these appear on your bill and you no longer require them, it's no problem and we can cease them for you with just 90 days’ notice.

Directory entries are a slightly different beast and I will cover these in more detail in a future blog. In summary this is where you have signed up to advertise in the BT phone book. On sign up you would have agreed to split the annual charge over 12 months so this can only be cancelled at the end of your agreed term. If you do not require the entry any longer - notify our billing team as soon as possible and we can arrange for it to be cancelled on its expiry date.

Will there be a double billing period?

'My old supplier has also charged me for the same period as you?'

As most telecom suppliers bill in advance there will inevitably be a crossover. I would recommend raising the query with your previous supplier.  But as long as you are out of any initial contract or notice period, you would normally find that they will raise you a credit on their next bill run - to compensate for any crossover period.

Who do I contact if I have a query with my telecom bill?

It’s tempting to raise an issue directly with your Account Manager, however as they are frequently out of the office your query will be handled much faster and more efficiently by our in house customer service team.

You can email our billing team - or give us a call on 01656 33 44 55 - option 3 and option 2 for billing queries.

How do I receive and pay my bill?

We will prepare a bill each month and send it to your billing email address which is specified on your contract when you initially signed up. If the need should arise this can be changed or additional contacts added by a main account contact requesting this via email to our billing team.

You will receive your bill on around the 9th of the month, this can vary due to bank holidays etc. Payment is then due 10 working days following this.

Unless otherwise agreed payment by Direct Debit is mandatory. Direct Debit is safe and fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. Under special circumstances we may also accept payments by cheque or bank transfer (BACS) although accounts on a non direct debit status Incur a £10 non direct debit fee which can bump up your bill quite a bit.

What so I do if I'm missing an invoice?...

So, you're reconciling your accounts and it look as though you’re missing an invoice.

The quickest way is to visit - and you can view and download this information 24/7 through our easy to use Customer Support Portal.

Our billing team can also assist and we can send a copy invoice to a named contact on your account. Just call up the billing team or send a quick email telling us exactly what you’re missing.

We hope this has helped you understand more about our billing process - and for more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly accounts team!