Great news for broadband customers!

Today is a great day for consumers – as Ofcom have stepped in to make it easier than ever to switch broadband providers.

Previously, customers would face heavy fines if they tried to leave a contract early- even if they were receiving poor service from their broadband provider. Locked in with long contracts and bundle deals, it used to be near impossible to get out early – plus a massive hassle when you’re looking at replacing TV, broadband and telephones all in one hit. 

Now, the regulator Ofcom are cracking down and making it easier for customers to switch. 

A new ‘one touch’ switching process came into effect over the weekend, and it applies to all internet service providers. It means that consumers will no longer need to worry about cancelling existing contracts with their current providers, as the switch will be taken care of by the new supplier on their behalf.

The problem previously, was that customers would be deterred from finding better deals. This will no longer be the case. Sharon White, Ofcom’s chief executive, said: 

“This will make a real difference for consumers, and will encourage more people to take advantage of very strong competition in the landline and broadband markets.”

This is going to be particularly helpful to businesses in South Wales, whose business can suffer due to slow broadband speed and unreliable mobile reception.

We spoke to our MD Jay Ball and he said: 

“We’ve helped lots of local businesses already, and this is going to make it easier and quicker for customers to get access to better broadband. Fast broadband is essential to the running of businesses in Wales, to allow them to compete in global markets‘’

Ian Jessopp from KK Solutions recently made the switch to DataKom, improving his broadband speed, and said:

“As designers and printers we need to send and receive large files. In the past we experienced often lengthy delays downloading and sending files. We work to very tight deadlines so something had to be done. Since installing fibre we have noticed a significant improvement in both upload and download speeds and as such we operate much more efficiently”

To find out if you can save by switching to DataKom – get a quote.