Written by Rob @ DataKom

Ghost calls in telecoms

Now I don’t think I’m the only one who’s experienced those creepy blank calls repetitively….  That’s right, like the American horror films with the “Crazy People” breathing down the other end of the line saying nothing! So annoying!

Well it turns out those silent calls are actually known as “ghost calls” and these calls can be bothersome – especially when they interrupt your work flow. Emanating from a mixture of numbers they’re commonly seen as 100, 1000 or 100000. But there’s a fix.

Ghost calls are an everyday problem with VoIP systems, and trust me you’re not alone. Ghost calls are “signals of distress” your network security needs to be tighter and you need to contact your voice provider for tips and tricks on how to combat it.

How do Ghost calls come about?

Ghost calls are generated from auditing and hacking tools that scan ports and find vulnerabilities in your phone network. These hacking tools probe and probe external IP addresses until they find responses, once found they check to see if unauthenticated traffic can pass… “Signals of distress” prompting you to secure your network.

At DataKom, we often talk about the importance of choosing a telecom supplier who is reliable and has the expertise to put the right infrastructure and support in place.  And VoIP is no different.

What can be done?

Other than choosing a reputable company like DataKom who can manage out these issues – there are a few steps you can take.

Take significant steps to configure your software to prevent these calls from happening. These include forcing your phones to only accept “known” server traffic, keeping up to date with phone manufacturer’s software and proactively monitoring the network just like we do here at DataKom, on our feature rich iPECS Kloud System. This ensures them phantom calls never happen again.

Don’t let the horror story control your VOIP/ Cloud based system – or interrupt your work day.