0800 03 Numbers to boost your business

Have You Considered How an 0800 or 03 Number Could Benefit Your Business?

Many businesses have realised many benefits of having an 0800 or an 03 number. Whilst there are differences in 0800 and 03 numbers- both provide great value to customers wishing to get in touch with your business.  

0800 Numbers

Introducing a free 0800 telephone number will enable your customers to speak with your company without the worry of call charges. This encourages sale enquiries, promotes excellent customer service and provides a professional appearance- resulting in new customers and great customer retention. An 0800 number will also give your business a national presence.

According to startups.co.uk research suggests that providing an 0800 number to your customers can increase enquiries by as much as 175%- so it can be well worth the small investment. Henley Centre’s 2004 report “Back to the Future,” argues that 71% of consumers believe that businesses with a freephone 0800 number care more about their customers- even higher than those having only a regional number.

03 Numbers

Numbers beginning with the 03 prefix, introduced in the UK market by Ofcom in 2007, are another good option for businesses. An 03 number can establish your business with a national presence- allowing you to target additional regions for growth and development. 03 numbers differ from 0800 numbers in that your customer will only be charged their national rate for calls to 01 or 02 numbers and also count towards inclusive minutes for mobile diallers. Upwards of 40% of calls are made through mobiles with free minutes meaning that most 03 calls can be made for free.

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