Date published 30/04/2018. Written by Rebecca Wills

Guest blog: Why efficient communication is important in long-distance shipments

Purchasing products and services online has become a normal activity for most. As a result of the rise of online stores and increasing trust in online payment methods, this is only set to increase. Due to this, it’s important that the customer is kept informed throughout the shipment of their product, which is a particular concern when it comes to long-distance shipments. The likes of you and I want to know where our valuable shipment is at all times in order to ensure it arrives at the correct destination but the importance goes further than consumer demand. Here, we’re taking a closer look at why effective communication is important when you send a parcel to an international country.  


Businesses often send an email confirming a consumer’s purchase and another email when the shipment has been shipped. In many cases, this is enough to keep the customer satisfied, but depending on the value of the long-distance shipment, some customers want more than an email that could get lost in their inbox. Text messaging has become increasingly important within the parcel delivery sector, as it promotes quick transparency by enabling customers to have the whereabouts of their shipment sent directly to their mobile phone.

Online tracking

Whilst it is all well and good sending an email to update the customer on the status of their order, online tracking allows customers to track their long-distance shipment any time of the day. On top of this, online parcel tracking encourages customers to return to your website, which increases the chance of an additional purchase. From a business perspective, this is a major advantage!

Eliminate vague estimates

Whilst the utilisation of email and online tracking helps customers remain satisfied with their purchase, this also helps them eliminate vague estimates of when their parcel will arrive. As a result of these minute-for-minute updates, businesses can be confident that they will deliver the desired service. As well as eliminating vague estimates, new technologies enable businesses to create more convenient deliveries which work both in favour of the business and the customer.

Reduced missed deliveries

Another reason why effective communication is important in long-distance shipments is that it reduces the chance of a missed delivery. With nearly a quarter of missed deliveries being a result of poor communication, the utilisation of online tracking and email shines in this sector. Missed deliveries often cost businesses more, as the parcel must be redelivered at a time that suits the customer best. In some cases, this ‘time’ cannot be guaranteed. Businesses that have a clear understanding of when their long-distance shipments will arrive are likely to save money, as the delivery won’t need to be rescheduled. 

With customers wanting to be aware of their parcel whereabouts 24/7, efficient communication in long-distance shipments is more important than ever. Whilst this will help maintain the customer’s satisfaction before the parcel arrives at their doorstep, it also helps businesses save money – and avoid complaints. In such a competitive industry, this is crucial. As more people send parcels across the world, this demand will continue to rise.