Date published 17/07/2017    Written by Jay Ball @ DataKom

Jays July blog

First I must apologise – my resolution this year was to keep up a monthly blog and I’ve let it slip the past few months, no excuses but we’ve had a crazy few months!

We’ve been working on some fantastic new projects, most of which I am not allowed to mention until we complete the works due to NDA’s - so I’ll hopefully let you all know soon!

This month I’ve decided to focus on Kloud PBX, a new product we’re really excited about. I’ll explain what it is, why we’re excited about it, and why it’s the future of telecoms…

Pleasing progress with Kloud PBX

KloudPBX has been a huge success story within DataKom and our aim was to promote KloudPBX to all new clients with the potential of maybe 50-70% uptake on new orders. However I am extremely proud of our sales team that since the launch the uptake has been more closer to 90%!

We’re very conscious that our sales team take a ‘consultative’ view with clients, making sure they get the right solution for their needs. That means showcasing all three forms of our telephone systems, starting with a Hybrid approach which is an analogue & digital system with some IP technology aimed for the smaller companies known as the EMG80, then to the UCP which is a full IP system aimed for the 20-2000 user market. 

Software applications compliment the new KloudPBX system - which is a complete cloud based telephone system.  However it has the unique twist with the option of an onsite UCP backup - in the event of a broadband failure.

Our ethos as a business has always been to work with reputable and innovative partners when we select products, rather than try create something ourselves or join everyone else in promoting the same everyday products.  With this in mind I wanted to talk about why we chose KloudPBX and some of the features I feel would benefit companies looking to venture into cloud telephony (aka VOIP!).

Why we’re excited about it

The UK market leader in VOIP or cloud telephony is definitely Horizon, which is a Gamma product that uses a broadsoft platform with 3rd party handsets such as Cisco, Yealink or Polycom. These are all good branded phones with some great features and a completely solid service that is promoted heavily across the UK by numerous telecom companies.

However, we wanted to be different, unique and give our customers something other than a race to the bottom on price. That’s why we were late to the market offering cloud telephony compared to some of our other UK competitors. We waited a long time and worked with Ericsson-LG in the development of their cloud offering which we’ve branded as KloudPBX.

Ericsson-LG have always been a long standing manufacturer of telephone systems, usually in the larger space which includes places like Bangkok airport, the South Korean government & many more. They came into the smaller market (5+ users) around 20 years ago bringing to market the GDK & LDK systems, which were a huge success - and later on the iPECS product set which is still our current onsite system of choice.

However as I’ve explained we wanted a unique product set and so KloudPBX was formed! We have worked with Ericsson LG since late 2015 and with a small number of local clients here in Wales to provide & test E-LG cloud telephony using our KloudPBX platform, which is our own private system owned by DataKom utilising local & geographic redundant systems.

After 18 months of solid development & testing – we launched the product commercially on the 1st January 2017 and in this short time there have been over 10,000 users in the UK utilising the product set. Don’t worry about capacity though, as each system will handle up to 999,999 users, so we have some way to go yet!

So why did we choose this product you probably want to know? Well if our clients just wanted to make calls we could choose the usual market leaders to provide this service but KloudPBX can do so much more! Local redundancy is a key selling point for Datakom and this is achieved by having an on premise solution that seamlessly becomes operational should your data infrastructure go offline. So you have the full benefits of cloud but with an onsite system as a redundancy utilising traditional analogue, isdn or even sip channels as a form of breakout. Basically, you should never be unreachable.

We know why others don’t provide this, and its because they don’t manufacture onsite systems, only cloud. That means they have zero experience in this marketplace and it would take years to get to a point where they have something that works. Ericsson-LG already have this technology and so it was a simple integration.

More features on the way…

Other than this next month we’re launching full CRM integration so you can have screen popup or click/dial from any CRM of your choice (we need to check it first!) but the standard ones like Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, ACT & many more are all ready to go out the box. If you have something completely bespoke we can work with you to connect to your system very easily.

These are just a few things that make us unique to market, however there is plenty more to come and I am personally really excited to launch the new services we’re working on with E-LG.

The key point of this blog mind is – we’re not saying cloud/KloudPBX is right for everyone as it needs a solid broadband/data connection, but we can get you ready for KloudPBX by utilising a hybrid model of an onsite UCP system with IP Phones and when you’re ready we simply migrate the handsets to the cloud & re-utilise the UCP as the onsite backup – how great is that?!

This means your investment today is cloud proof!

Our sales team are providing demo’s to clients everyday - and we’d love to show you the product overview. Give us a call or drop me an email, and I’d be happy to organise something at your offices… or even ours! Get in touch