Date published 11/04/2017    Written by Jay Ball @ DataKom

Jays march blog

Wow – what a month March has been! – the end of another quarter, and the start of 10 years in business for DataKom and myself.

On the 18th March – we celebrated in complete style as a team, at the beautiful Llanerch Vineyard. We had awards, comedy, great food and live music – all to thank our past and current DataKom team for their hard work to create such a great business.

We’ll soon be arranging our 10 year customer celebrations later in the summer!

Other than great celebrations, its been an interesting month.  We’ve had some fantastic opportunities working with new and existing clients, providing some unique telecom solutions to assist their business…One of which we’re under NDA so cant reveal just yet!


We went live in 3 large hotels during March and the data we’ve collected, and experience for the customers has been incredible! 

During the first weekend one local hotel collected over 300 unique users to the WiFi.  On their next return visit the hotel will ask for a TripAdvisor review via SMS.  What a powerful way to generate positive reviews, especially since the hotel know it’s a return visit.  Clearly the customer was happy with the service and experience, and it’s a great time to ask for a review.

We’re always on the look out for other great venues that need to offer guest WiFi and use the data for marketing purposes.  Businesses can build a database, grow their review score or even generate revenue through paid-for WiFi.


Well – again, another incredible month on the platform. So many new companies embracing cloud for the first time and trusting us to assist with the evolution to the cloud.

We originally owned the licensing to a mixed platform with other UK partners, but have since made a significant investment into our own platform.  This will continue to be managed by Ericsson-LG but allow us complete control of the product, with the ability to give our partners/resellers the opportunity to license their own users.

We’re hopeful to have our platform live by the end of April, then there’ll be the fun task of migrating everyone across!  We will be in contact if you are already a KloudPBX user, but don’t worry, we’ll be doing all the hard work.

This month’s tip - don’t skimp on internet costs! 

The internet is so powerful these days to us as a business, and DataKom already embraces cloud technology in a massive way.  From Office 365 for our email to our telephone system being completely cloud based (KloudPBX), we rely on cloud based systems a lot.

But without the right foundations all of these products will fail or struggle to work for your business, which means you can lose confidence in the technology or lose traction adopting cloud into your business.

Our sales consultants often find prospective clients want cloud and begin the conversation with cloud products.  However all our team are trained to begin with the bottom up, which means getting your internet service right before exploring cloud any further.

Remember – ADSL is not a great technology to be using cloud on, our minimum spec request is an EFM, FTTC or preferably a dedicated leased line

Although a dedicated leased line is a higher cost, it’s only when you are without internet for 2-3 days you realise the cost of poor quality internet - be that through lost sales or unhappy customers.

Company news

I was really proud to be sponsoring the business growth awards on March 2nd, it was a superb night, so well run by Kevin and Rachel.

The award we sponsored was close to our ambitions, ‘Customer Service Excellence’ and I am pleased to say the winner was Malmo Hearing. By chance they are also one of our great customers!

Other than our award, it was fantastic to spend time with so many great businesses that really care about their clients, brand and employees… like we do!

Anyhow – thanks for reading, have a great April and I’ll update you all again next month!