Date published 12/09/2017  Written by Jay Ball @ DataKom

Jay's September blog

September already! This year I decided to take 24 solid days out of the business - which was always going to be a challenge when I am, what most would call, a ‘work-acholic’!

However, I do think it’s important to step back and view the business from afar, and secondly , to recharge with your family, which I am pleased to say has worked wonders for me! I am also really pleased to see my management team doing a fantastic job in keeping the business running the way we set out.

Anyhow, I am back and ready to push us forward as a team again and achieve our 2017-2018 goals!

This month I wanted to reflect on what we’ve been up to recently and answer some of the commonly asked questions we get through our web chat facility and via our sales team.

Starting with what we’ve been up to…

Every order we win is a great achievement and working with new and returning clients gives us a real buzz.

But one that stood out for us in August had to be Aston Martin. A prestige car manufacturer opening a new production site in St Athan required new CAT6 cabling to be installed to provide the backbone for their communications & IT Services at this local site. We were extremely pleased to be chosen to carry out this work as we feel it represents the quality we provide – this has now been completed and we look forward to hopefully working together on future projects.

Other than this big win – we will be uploading some new case studies to the website soon as we have completed a number of installations for our ever-growing client base.

Onto the top frequently asked questions to our team during the past few months.

Phone system based FAQ’s

Q. Will you be able to visit our premises to see what’s best for my business?

A. Absolutely – we always recommend a visit to ensure we can identify any potential issues and also understand your needs fully. That’s so we can ensure we are the right supplier for you firstly, and that our products are the right fit.

Q. Of all systems you offer, which one is the cheapest?

A. This is a question we get asked a lot, which I am sure doesn’t come as a surprise! In short it depends on so many factors which are down to the client’s requirements. For a small 1-3 person office then I would say VOIP (KloudPBX) will be the lowest priced option. However, it can also be the most expensive if you have say 30 users in an office compared to an onsite IP Hybrid option which means you wont be paying on a per user basis.

My advice – give us a call, let us understand your requirements and what’s really important – we’ll build a tailored solution to you and give you the pro’s & con’s of each scenario to allow you to make an informed decision.  

Q. We already have a phone system in place, do we have to replace our existing equipment?

A. Not always – it depends on what you are trying to achieve. You can switch your phone lines, calls and broadband to us and start saving money instantly. Or we can help you by looking at the real pain points of your business such as lost/missed calls - which could be having a real financial impact on your business. That lost sale could pay for your phone system for a full year!

Q. How easy is it to switch to DataKom and can we keep our phone numbers?

A. Really easy – 99.99% of numbers can be retained by switching to DataKom. We have porting agreements with the majority of providers so leave this to us and we’ll transfer your number hassle-free.

With regards to the switch – you give us the go ahead and we do the rest!  It usually takes around 10-30 days to transfer your services.

Q. Is the call quality of your cloud-based systems good?

A. This is a really popular question and something we get asked often. VOIP had a bad reputation many years ago as people embraced it fully without the right broadband/data service to provide the foundation of the service. Or they opted for a low cost service which was hosted outside of the UK and resulted in numerous downtime issues.

We always begin with your broadband service, recommending an ethernet leased line where possible to a minimum of an FTTC connection which will provide you with plenty of bandwidth to handle all your calls as HD quality – with no compromises.

Q. What happens if the internet goes down?

A. If you have a cloud based phone line or system – then this can have drastic results as it will mean you can’t make/receive a call using the phone. However – we have disaster recovery (DR) options available to our clients which can be auto call routing to another office, mobile or even to a voice recording advising of an issue and allowing the users to leave a message which is then emailed to the users.

Q. What type of internet connection do I need for your cloud-based systems to work?

A. We recommend an ethernet service to be fully belt and braces but we understand this doesn’t always work for smaller companies, who don’t have the budget for this. So we have alternative solutions such as FTTC which starts at just £30.00 per month.

Q. How long does each system take to set up?

A. We usually allow 1-2 hours per phone to setup, however any cabling and installation that needs to be done can be quite site specific. We will always survey a site prior to installation so we can highlight any potential issues and give you an idea on timescales.

Q. We’re opening a new office, how easy is it to scale up your systems?

A. Depending on the system you choose – it can vary, however cloud (KloudPBX) allows 1 user up to 999,999, so you’re safe here with just an additional monthly cost! However if you have a site based solution we will always advise on the pre-sale appointment the potential site this system can grow to, and what the costs are likely to be for additional cards or IP licensing.

Mobile based FAQ’s

Q. Can I keep my existing mobile phone number?

A. Yes! – Any number can be ported across our networks providing it’s a UK number.

Q. How soon will my mobile be connected?

A. We recommend up to 24 hours, however usually it can be done within an hour.

Q. How long does it take to get business mobile phone contract?

A. From quote to supply its usually a few days, and moving your number now is super quick at around 1-2 days, you just need to request a PAC code from your current supplier.

Q. When can I upgrade my mobile phone?

A. This will depend on your contract term, however we do also allow early upgrades if your position or requirements change.

Q. Can I change my plan to a cheaper, or more expensive, tariff?

Outside of your minimum term you can choose any tariff you require, however within minimum term we only allow you to increase the tariff - as we base your phone cost across a minimum tariff cost.

Miscellaneous FAQ’s 

Q. What are the contract terms?

A. This very much varies on the product you choose, a SIM only mobile can be 30 days, a cloud solution can be 30 days. However often we recommend a 3-5 year term for more complex solutions so we can spread the cost over this term and be as competitive as possible.

Q. What size businesses do you work with?

We look to work with businesses who need a more advisory service to their telecoms, however our clients range from a start-up to established bluechips.

Q. If I take out broadband, mobile contract and a landline, would all three come under one monthly bill?

We often bill services separately so you can separate them within your own accounting services, however if you prefer you can always have one monthly bill from us which will detail every service.

Q. How unlimited is your unlimited fibre broadband?

A. Completely unlimited – we do have fair usage policies on some products to ensure the service isn’t abused, however we do encourage clients to let us know their full requirements and what they will use the service for before we sign up to prevent any issues. For example, an unlimited broadband service in the UK shouldn’t really be used to transfer 500-1000GB per month, this would be more suitable to a dedicated leased line as it will ensure there is enough bandwidth for everyone.

Q. How consistent are the speeds quoted above?

A. We will always provide you with a product speed, an expected speed and a minimum expected speed so you can ensure it’s the right product for your business. We’ll also help to advise if you explain the requirements fully.

Q. Our business is already connected, how do I switch?

A. Get in touch with our sales team via the chat or via the website – We will give you a call to discuss the requirements in more detail and hopefully arrange a meeting to discuss either at your offices or our own.

Q. Is line rental included in the price?

We always separate our line and broadband prices, so its completely understood what you’re paying! – however if you see LLU on the bill this would be a combined price as it’s a combined circuit.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s blog! If you would like to see anything on next month’s, please get in touch.