Landlines vs Mobiles – 5 Reasons Landlines are Essential 

With the growing reliance on mobiles you could be forgiven for starting to wonder whether you need a landline as well.

But landlines are still a crucial tool, especially for businesses that need reliability and to look credible.  Mobiles are a crucial part of business – but so are landlines.

Here are five reasons to love your landline: 

  1. Credibility

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that credibility of your business is really important. Having a landline number on your website will make you seem more established and credible. It’s reassuring for new customers, and proves your locality.

If you’re out of the office often, we also provide a service which allows you to forward landline calls straight to your mobile. Sorted.

  1. Privacy 

Did you know that some mobiles use radio frequencies which are more easily intercepted?

This means that you should beware of sharing data or giving out credit card information when speaking on your mobile phone. If tuned in, eavesdroppers will listen to your confidential information and take notes on your credit card details.

This is definitely a big reason to stick with your landline.

  1. Reliability

The last thing you want to be worrying about on an important work call is whether your battery is going to die or if you’ve gone over your allowance.  Having the use of a landline guarantees crystal clear phone calls without wondering if the other person can hear you, or any other disruptions. It’s a solid backup for when things go awry with your mobile – be it a forgotten charger, or poor signal.

  1. Safety

Did you know that if you’re calling emergency services, you’re landline is more accurate than the gps of your mobile?  That means you will be located more quickly.

If you’re calling 999 on a landline, they will automatically have your address displayed. If you’re calling from your mobile, the gps might not be accurate enough to locate the house your in, or floor you’re on if calling from a larger building.

  1. Affordability

 We provide value for money bundle deals, which means that having a landline is incredibly affordable these days. You don’t have to worry about things like tariffs and minutes with landline pricing.


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