The 5 Most Annoying Mobile Phone Habits 

Mobiles are everywhere, some people even have more than one! They keep us connected, entertain us when we’re bored and pretty much act as a PA for our life (if you’re anything like us). But sometimes they can be a real annoyance, especially when it comes to social situations – specifically – other people's bad manners.  They seem to amplify people’s worst qualities – and annoy the rest of us.

Here are 5 of the worst phone habits.  If you have any of these bad habits- you need to stop!

1. Talking on the Train, Making Sure Everyone Hears Your Biz

We’ve all been there.  You had a long day, so you retire to the quiet carriage for a bit of headspace.Then some guy or lady gets on (usually in a suit), seemingly wanting the whole carriage to know how important they are, what they’ve done that day and what their plans for the weekend are.  Not just at normal level – but practically shouting.

Of course we don’t say anything, because we’re British.  Instead, we pull this look out:


2. Your Own Personal Concert with the Entire World Invited 

 You know the deal.  Usually a group of young people – but not exclusively.  Headphones have been around for over 100 years, you probably should be using them by now. Too scared of confrontation – you probably just share a face of disbelief with other bystanders.

3. Selfie Sticks

Cameras already have front-facing cameras.  So why the need for these pokey vanity sticks?  Surely they are really impractical to carry around. If you need any more convincing check out this picture of a woman struggling to use her phone for its – you know – intended use:


4. Unaware of Anyone Else on the Planet

Aren’t these people just the worst?  When you want to get to the ham in the supermarket, but they’re standing in the way.  Or you’re late for the bus, and someone’s holding everyone up in the self-service, trying to talk and scan at the same time.  Or you want to pass them, but they keep blocking your path. It’s not just for our benefit.  It’s for theirs too – because you never know when there’s a bear round the corner.

5. Driving

Not only is it illegal, its simply just annoying - this is one habit people really need to stop, driving while talking or texting on their mobiles.  It’s dangerous – and those messages can wait. Otherwise invest in a new car with your mobile phone integrated!