Date published 23/11/2017    Written by Arek Estall @ DataKom


Announcing - DataKom Joins Forces With Concert Group ...

Usually we have to wait until the New Year to announce the plans for the forthcoming year. Not this year! Christmas has come early to DataKom ...

We have just learned that the company has been accepted - and is joining - Concert Group.

Concert Group are 12 small and medium sized communications companies who have combined resources to create a network of strength, and increased buying power, across the UK. Their size allows them to be nimble and adapt quickly to changes in the market.

This will make DataKom the only one of the group’s telecom companies in Wales - the nearest being in Exeter or Birmingham!

This gives DataKom the edge as it can now work with national firms from Southampton to Edinburgh - even across to Northern Ireland.

Where a telecoms company would typically need a huge turnover to get discounts from key suppliers like Daisy or Pragma - as part of Concert Group - DataKom can use the combined bulk buying power of over £80 million - to snap up reductions almost immediately.

This will make Datakom highly competitive in a crowded marketplace.

The DataKom team of engineers - overnight - will be 300 strong! This is because each company within the group will “share” engineering staff. By allocating jobs to other group members - Datakom can undertake a job in Bradford, for instance, within a couple of hours. The company carrying out the work is paid a bespoke rate for the job - saving time and money - making DataKom leaner - but with much further reach.

It is not all one way though - because of the efforts and skills of the staff at Datakom, Concert Group were delighted too, as Datakom gives them unique and valuable reach into a part of the country in which they have no presence.

Jay Ball, Managing Director of DataKom said, “It is an extremely exciting move, and to be within a buying group with likes of Lily, Focus, BDR, Pragma and others – I believe is a huge advantage to everyone in the company.”

Jay will represent Datakom, on a quarterly basis, at group meetings across the UK, where he will listen and advise on best practises and developments within the industry.

This means collaborating with other companies, and picking their brains, to enhance DataKom’s marketing, sales and engineering skills - to gain fresh leads and techniques - and to share their own, considerable, expertise with the rest of the group.

Jay finished the announcement by saying “I am very pleased we have been accepted to join. The board rarely take on new members as they have quite a high capacity, however, they felt our coverage of the region gave them a huge advantage and felt that our business, as a whole, was extremely exciting, and they wanted us to be part of this.”