Congratulations to DataKom Ltd. in Bridgend

Bridgend-based telecom company DataKom are celebrating their highest ever annual turnover, breaking through the £2million barrier for the first time in their 2014-2015 annual results. The company announced ambitious growth plans earlier this year, aiming to add 8 new jobs and open a new office in Aberystwyth.  The company is about halfway through their ambitious growth plans, having added 5 of the 8 jobs planned – and now embedded into the West Wales business scene.

With two new hires joining the firm this month, the plan is set to be realised, ready for the next period of growth in 2016.  The new hires makes the total number of employees 28, making it one of the largest telecom companies with headquarters in Wales.The company was in the Fast Growth 50 in 2013 and 2014, but had a period of consolidation in 2014.

 MD Jay Ball said:

“Growth is important, but it needs to be sustainable.  All too often we’ve seen companies grow really fast, and get unstuck by cashflow or have falling service levels as they struggle to cope”

The latest data from Stats Wales starting from 2008 shows that less than half of businesses survive past 5 years.  That means they either don’t grow further, or start losing money.  Bank of England figures are even more alarming, saying 80% of businesses won’t make it past 18 months.

“We’ve noticed often find that companies hit a growth plateau, where their processes can’t handle further growth, and they start losing money.  We’ve tried to analyse how we do things and make sure we keep our processes and operations really smooth – to make sure our customers get great service and value for money.”

Having got their processes in place and growth plans realised, DataKom are starting to look to the future – and further growth in 2016.  Jay Ball told us that means a further 10 jobs across Wales, and opening of a flagship office in North Wales.  The company already has a customer base in North Wales with over 20% of turnover coming from North Wales, but clearly sees the area as a strategic move for the company.

“We’ve got our eye on closer integration with our customer base and their communities – and our North Wales office will help with that.  We’re also looking at acquisitions, so we can integrate our processes and quickly grow our customer base.”