Date published 08/11/2017  Written by Rachel @ DataKom

Cutting edge broadband technology for even faster speeds of up to 330Mbps

The next-generation of broadband has arrived at DataKom. Openreach is upgrading the UK’s broadband network from superfast (anything above 24Mbps) to Ultrafast (speeds up to 330Mbps) helping businesses to thrive and compete in the marketplace.

Where can I get it? has been rolled out in 46 locations across the UK as part of Openreach’s pilot deployment phase including Swansea, Bristol and Somerset - analysing scalability, exploring different technical scenarios and testing speeds which can be delivered.

This ultrafast service is currently available to around 550,000 homes and businesses using full fibre or, and more than 100,000 customers have ordered a service using these technologies. plans to be available to 10 million homes and businesses by the end of 2020.


Internet services and multiple device usage is driving demand for increased speeds. can provide ultrafast broadband to a large number of customers with minimal disruption.

Ultrafast gives the ability to have several programmes running at the same time, with no interruptions:

  • Video on demand
  • Stream ultra-high definition
  • Catch-up services instantly
  • Virtual storage – store photos, documents, music and videos online – in the cloud.
  • HD video calling – chat with colleagues around the world.
  • Working from home – work as effectively as you would in the office.
  • Expand your business – have a competitive advantage in connecting, serving, collaborating and competing online.

From December 2017, will be available through DataKom. Contact us today to get your installation started.