Date published 01/11/2017 Written by Rachel @ DataKom

DataKom announce two product name changes

From 1st November 2017 DataKom products KloudWiFi and KloudMessenger will be renamed as DataKom:GuestWiFi and DataKom:SMS.

KloudWifi launched in January 2017 lead solely by Business Development Manager Darren Joslin along with KloudMessenger launched in July 2017.

First thing first – I’m an existing customer - what do I need to do?

In a word - nothing. Nothing about the services itself changes – just the names. KloudWiFi and KloudMesseger have always been a part of DataKom and you’ll still get the same great service… just under a new name

Why is the name changing?

The name change is to keep things simpler for customers, and so prospective customers are clearer on who’s behind the products – DataKom.

What is DataKom:GuestWiFi?

DataKom:GuestWiFi offers a secure, branded way for business owners to offer customers access to a guest WiFi network.  Also used as a marketing tool, businesses can gather email addresses from registering users, analyse data, broaden its advertising range and gain valuable information such as how long customers are staying, how often they visit and key demographics. 

What is DataKom:SMS?

DataKom:SMS is an online text messaging platform designed for business owners to communicate with their customers and prospects - instantly. Examples of use include promotions, flash sales, appointment reminders, delivery confirmation and membership renewals.

DataKom MD, Jay Ball says

“KloudWiFi and KloudMessenger have always been a part of DataKom and you’ll still get the same great service - just under a new name. We look forward to our continued relationship with customers under our new name of DataKom:GuestWiFi and DataKom:SMS”

“If you have any questions, please get in touch with team who will be happy to talk it through with you”