Date published 20/12/2017 

DataKom guest blog for Tech Dragons

DataKom featured in the Tech Dragons blog this month. Rachel from the marketing department discussed the ISDN switch-off and how it will affect millions of businesses across the UK.

Companies that use telephones will need to ensure their phone system runs over an internet connection rather than traditional telephone lines by 2025.

This comes as BT has announced plans to switch off the traditional telephone ISDN network and migrate all phone systems online by 2025.

Instead of having on-premise equipment, a phone system is hosted in a data centre, delivering many features that are available on a traditional phone system but transported via the internet.

Rachel comments,

“Working in the telecom industry, I’m very aware of the approaching ISDN switch-off. It’s important to maximise exposure on this subject, in order for all businesses to suitably prepare.”

“The change will affect millions of UK companies. It’s time to start exploring options, especially if your phone system contract is coming to an end.”

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