Date published 27/06/2017    Written by Rachel @ DataKom

DataKom install dedicated leased line for fast broadband at New House Country Hotel

Welcome to our latest client – New House Country Hotel who have just had super-fast broadband installed to help with their day to day operations and guest WiFi.

Our Advanced Engineer Jonathan installed a new dedicated line - a private internet connection reserved solely for one premise meaning no competing for bandwidth.

Leased lines are ideal for companies needing to move vast amounts of data safely, securely and quickly. New House Hotel will be able to efficiently make bookings, process transactions and increase their social media presence as well as offering customers a high-speed WiFi connection.

A range of factors influences guest loyalty and visit frequency, and broadband performance is an increasingly important factor of guest satisfaction.

Typical speeds from a dedicated leased line are around 10-100Mb when using fibre optic cabling - offering consistent speeds and bandwidth that do not decrease during peak times or with high data usage and fast upload speeds.

If you’re considering a broadband upgrade contact us today. Ordering a dedicated leased line from DataKom will also provide your business with 24/7 monitoring so that any system issues can be rectified during your closed period.