Date published 06/09/2017

DataKom KloudPBX compatible with Skype for Business

DataKom's cloud-based phone system, KloudPBX is now compatible with Skype for Business.

Users of KloudPBX can voice-enable Skype for Business UC tools, by installing an add-on app. The app also supports Office 365, meaning users can fully integrate KloudPBX with the Microsoft desktop.

The add-on enhances the popular Skype for Business, and compliments the KloudPBX platform with better phone-PC integration.  The function is only available for the Business version of Skype, and is not a mass-market integration – due to this being a premium feature exclusive for KloudPBX and Skype Business users.

The company is continually driving for better integration and moving towards more unified communications, and Technical Director Craig Jones says this is a step in the right direction:

“This add-on enhances Skype for Business and compliments the Kloud PBX platform. We’re excited to be leading the way in creating systems that help businesses be more integrated, more unified in how they communicate”

“What do we mean by unified communications?  A phone system in 2017 needs to integrate with your other systems and not just be a standalone service – and the PC is a key function of day to day business. 

“We already have the desktop reporting system, and this is the next step towards better integration between PC and phone system. Its not just Kloud PBX but we have also integrated skype into our on premise solutions”