Date published 07/12/2017 Written by Rachel @ DataKom

DataKom:Mobile joins forces with EE, O2 and Vodafone

DataKom customers now have access to three of the leading UK mobile networks via DataKom:Mobile.

EE has now become part of wholesale agreements on DataKom:Mobile, alongside O2 and Vodafone. That means DataKom customers can now access three different networks on different handsets, but all under one bill and one supplier, DataKom:Mobile.

This means the best mobile package is always available for every employee, regardless of network, as well as access to benefits such as exclusive travel bundles.

Mobile networks – the big three

EE offers 85% UK 4G coverage, with plans to reach 95% by 2020.

The company is claiming the UK’s fastest 4G coverage with "more masts than any other network" - covering over 300 UK cities. EE's premium 4G service offers speeds of up to 60Mbps and up to 150Mbps in central London.

WiFi calling comes as standard on a compatible device – being able to make and receive calls using a WiFi connection rather than data.

Award-winning network O2 offers nearly 99% 3G coverage across the UK. The network continues to invest in upgrading their 2G and 3G networks with future plans to increase their 4G coverage, as part of a five year £3bn network modernisation.

Its 4G network currently covers 70% of the population with plans to reach 98% UK coverage, both indoors and out.

Vodafone's 3G service is currently available to 80% of the UK and is capable of maximum connection speeds of 21Mbps. Vodafone and O2 work together, sharing masts to give even better coverage across the UK.

Best deals available

Customers who access the EE network through DataKom:Mobile can benefit from exclusive plans such as:

  • 30-day tariffs
  • Shared data
  • Outside of contract bundles
  • Bundles for customers travelling outside the EU
  • Generous EU travel data allowances - meaning users won’t exhaust their UK allowance

Preventing unexpected bills with monthly caps

An increasing number of smartphones are automatically set to regularly check for emails and update applications - leading more consumers to be caught out by exceeding their data allowance. Additionally, many contracts hold customers liable for high usage made on stolen handsets until the case is reported.

DataKom:Mobile gives the option to set a monthly allowance on a business mobile phone - preventing users exceeding their call, SMS and data allowances.

Inclusive EU roaming

“Bill shock” affected over 9 million UK mobile phone users last year whilst travelling abroad according to research from uSwitch – some seeing bills costing more than the price of the holiday itself.

But back in June, roaming charges were abolished in Europe and several other destinations - from any mobile network. Those on a mobile contract in an EU country will be able to use their current call, text and data allowance as they would in the UK while pay as you go customers continue to pay the same rate.

Managing Director, Jay Ball says

“DataKom:Mobile is our own virtual network which means you have one provider - but access to three different networks offering the best tariffs pricing and coverage We also work with you to come up with bespoke business mobile packages so that you do not have to sift through multiple providers and settle for products you don’t require We bill and manage your account directly, so no more dealing with call centres or retail shops for support or service.”