Date published 15/06/2018. Rachel @ DataKom

Fibre technology dominating global broadband

Over 77% of global broadband users are now connected by either fibre networks, according to research by Point Topic.

The Global Broadband Statistics report states that over half of broadband subscriptions worldwide are now connected by full fibre, ‘fibre-fed’ copper, or cable.

Leading markets include Singapore, with 97% of new broadband technologies, China, with 89% and the US, with 87%. Currently in the UK, 55% of broadband connections are supported by full fibre, fibre-fed copper or cable.

What is fibre broadband?

Fibre is the latest advancement in broadband technology where data is transferred via glass fibre cables.  

A fibre optic cable has the ability to transport a much larger volume of data compared to a copper cable used for standard broadband connections.

This technology can manage ultra-fast speeds. Signal strength is strong, regardless of distance from the exchange and speeds are maintained over greater distances.

Openreach announced that they intend to roll out fibre to 3 million UK premises by 2020.

Technical Director, Craig Jones comments:

“Fibre technology supports the increasing number of business devices using broadband, such as HD video, cloud telephone systems and UC applications.

Fibre broadband is essential for businesses that are taking advantage of Cloud applications. It offers enhanced productivity, is better suited to handle cloud storage and offers more reliability over traditional copper installations, so you’ll get more than just speed.

Businesses that embrace the latest technologies and quality products are going to operate more efficiently in today’s markets.”