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 Date published 24/03/2017     Written by Arek Estall @ DataKom

KloudWifi - Compliant Public WiFi

At DataKom we’ve been working hard on new product development - and one new product we’re particularly proud of is KloudWiFi.

After months of trialling and excellent feedback, we are pleased to announce the launch of KloudWiFi - our new legally compliant public WiFi solution.  If you want to offer your guests WiFi, this product secures you legally, and helps you offer best-in-class WiFi to your guests.  DataKom can install and manage the network - providing your guests with uninterrupted internet access.

We’ve been testing the success of KloudWifi across 8 pilot sites - and it’s been a huge success. The pilot sites have fed back to us positively on the reliability and speed of the network - but also how beneficial it is as a marketing tool for them.  Guests have to sign up for an account either through social network or email - and can then be added to your customer database.

Off the back of this success we are confident that this service will be a perfect solution for a variety of businesses - from small shops to caravan sites and hotels - and everything in between.

KloudWiFi in action - a caravan park case study

One of the most impressive feats during the pilot stage was providing WiFi to a large caravan site in North Wales.  Not just any caravan park - one which consists of 800 caravans over 2 neighbouring parks. The existing WiFi system had poor speed and patchy coverage which was clearly not good enough for the business or their guests.

Recognising the challenges of the site, we installed 24 antenna locations across the park and ‘in caravan’ solutions with a dedicated feed wherever required.  12 months later we have had such positive feedback, that the business has now requested we install KloudWiFi in their 3rd caravan site.

KloudWiFi is perfect solution for any business that wants to offer compliant public WiFi - whether as a free-of-charge benefit for guests, or as an additional revenue stream for your venue.

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We’re confident that this is a strong proposition - from a customer service point of view and as a marketing tool.

Get in touch with our team to book a demo - we’d love to show you how it works.