Date published 18/07/2017     Written by Rachel @ DataKom

KloudWiFi Installation For Nines Global Buffet

KloudWiFi powered by DataKom has welcomed a new client - Nines Global Buffet based in Swansea.  Nines is a restaurant based in the centre of the city, producing a wide range of dishes from around the world.

The restaurant offered limited guest WiFi and had restricted phone signal so providing multiple access points was an important consideration for the venue, when installing WiFi.

KloudWiFi offers a secure, branded way for users to access Guest WiFi, quickly and easily. The added benefit of using KloudWiFi is that Nines are now able to capture registration data. By collecting email addresses and using useful, trackable analytics, Nines can broaden their advertising range and gain valuable information such as how long customers are staying, how often they visit and key demographics.  

Alice Yi, Owner of Nines said:

“This can be used to improve our services and drive sales to a new level. The on-demand reporting shows us how the network is functioning, identifying any black-spots, disconnections, offline access points and viewing how customers are using the set-up”.

With 7 automatic SMS and email triggers also setup, Nines know that their customers are always being kept up to date with news, offers and special events.

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