Date published 19/09/2017   Written by Rachel @ DataKom

Office Visions completes office refurbishment for DataKom

DataKom have recently completed their planned office renovation. Collaborating with workplace designers Office Visions – the office is now a modern open space finished with new furniture and glass partition walls, taking just 3 weeks to complete.

The modernisation is welcomed as the company has seen considerable growth with the launch of new cloud based products. Since the business began office size has continued to increase with several moves allowing room for a larger sales, marketing, technical and finance team.

Customers visiting will be able to see all departments from reception – and the new layout is reflective of the open culture in DataKom.

MD Jay Ball comments

“We are at the forefront of innovative communication and the modern workspace reflects the future of DataKom. The office is very open, divided into different departments with partition walls. Everyone still has their own workspace but everyone can see each other and we can communicate easily"

“Formerly the office felt quite separated by department and communication could be difficult. There has always been a vision to have a more open and collaborative atmosphere”

Simon, Office Visions:

“Having successfully tendered for the furnishing and refurbishment of Datakom’s new modern offices in Bridgend - Office Visions successfully delivered the project on time and within budget. We look forward to working with Jay and his team as both companies continue to grow their business interests in Wales and further afield around the UK”

DataKom would like to give a special thank you to Bridgend Council for their grant and support in helping towards expenses.