Date published 24/02/2017    Written by Arek Estall @ DataKom

DataKom:Mobile is now even greater!

2017 has already been an exciting year for DataKom - and it’s only March.  There’s been a lot of exciting news - notable product launches of KloudPBX and KloudWiFi, and our 10 year anniversary celebrations. 

Remind us… What is DataKom:Mobile?

Good question!  We’ve been providing mobile service back as far as 2007! In the 10 years since our formation it has been a core area that allowed us to grow and develop into other areas.

However, around 2009 - we saw a huge drive from the mobile networks to go ‘direct’ and remove the need for a dealer. This made us realise its something we couldn’t rely on as a business model - and we moved away from the area to focus more on our fixed line & telephone system business.

Due to our growing buying power and size, in 2013 we invested a substantial figure into a ‘MVNO’ model which means we purchased our own virtual mobile network (DataKom:Mobile) – similar to Tesco Mobile, Virgin, Giffgaff etc.  This meant we worked directly with Vodafone and bought their network in a wholesale model similar to our core business of lines/calls, allowing us to create our own tariffs, pricing & customer support model. 

Since 2013 – we have seen mobile become a much larger area of the business with over 1200 subscribers running on our network today, supporting nearly 1 million calls & texts per month! – It’s been a huge success and we’re really proud of what we achieved which is all thanks to our customer base trusting our virtual network.

So whats new?

Well – we listened to our customer feedback and although we felt Vodafone offered the strongest UK signal for voice & data, we understand you required other options.  So now DataKom:Mobile supports the O2 network, allowing you to share the same tariffs, benefits and core strengths that you receive now!

What’s even better is you can now have a multi network bill from DataKom which will be split between the network of your choice for companies who may have blackspots in certain areas.  We also allow you to switch networks at any point through your contract, whilst keeping the same tariff and out of bundle call rates (aside from a small migration fee of £30) – again another real unique benefit only we can offer!

The very best advice

Our mission as a business is simple - to offer the best advice, guidance and bespoke mobile packages for business customers.

The DataKom view is that getting the right mobile package is all about matching what you need and not what’s only available via the high street. 

The same excellent service

And of course rather than just being passed to a call centre for support, you’ll get the direct support you need going forward - from our in-house team based in Bridgend.

Some more reasons to use DataKom for your business mobile:

  • Sims kept in stock – no need to wait 3-5 days for a new sim, pick up same day
  • Same day handset & sim provisioning
  • SIM only from just £10 per month for businesses who just want a 30 day commitment for seasonal staff
  • Next day delivery on handsets
  • Bespoke tariffs designed for the customer
  • Unlimited Minutes and texts as standard
  • One of our tariffs now includes EUROPE calls/texts & data
  • No gimmicks like Spotify or Sky Sports which you really pay for through package charges
  • No middleman