Date published 11/11/2017    Written by Heather Ball @ DataKom

Price Review Notification

International Rates and Ancillary Charges

The current weakness in the pound, especially against the dollar and the euro, has resulted in the networks adjusting the cost of calling some International destinations.

As a result our International call rates have been reviewed and revised call charges will be effective from 1st December 2016. Our International Tariff can be found here

Should you frequently call an International destination please contact our billing team on 01656 33 44 99 as soon as possible to discuss your account.

 The following products also have a price amendment from 1st December 2016 due to a change in network pricing.

  • Excess usage
  • Expedite Orders
  • Early Order Cancellation
  • Order Amendments
  • Late Order Cancellations
  • Modify / Re-grade

 All pricing can be viewed and downloaded from the general tariff on our website.