Date published 03/08/2017 Written by Rachel @ DataKom

Successful launch for cloud-based phone system KloudPBX

KloudPBX has seen a huge uptake in sales since its launch in spring. This new product is a full cloud-based telephone system, developed by the company in partnership with Ericsson-LG.

Both systems and handsets are manufactured by the same company to ensure all features are fully compatible and work seamlessly together from the outset.

As KloudPBX is based in the cloud, it’s suitable for any size business - from a small company with a few people to a large enterprise with thousands of employees in multiple locations. The system is backed by DataKom’s own hosting platform, which guarantees the call quality and reliability.

MD Jay Ball

“KloudPBX has been a huge success story within DataKom with the aim to promote KloudPBX to all new clients - with the potential of new orders reaching 50-70%. However we are extremely pleased to announce that since the launch the uptake has been closer to 90%!”

“Kloud PBX offers all the features of a traditional premise-based telephone system, but with the added benefit of a very low initial investment, greater flexibility and significantly reduced costs.”

If you would like a demonstration of the impressive KloudPBX then contact us today.