Date published 06/03/2018  Written by Rachel @ DataKom

Tech Target report enterprises are investing in conference room technology

A recent article from TechTarget's Unified Communications site reports that enterprises are investing in conference room technology to support the latest collaboration tools.

Many enterprises have completed or started planning on updating outdated meeting rooms that in some cases, lack basic features such as high-speed internet and convenient power outlets.

There are currently several “conference room of the future” projects developing from the promise of emerging collaboration tools such as digital whiteboards. These projects are focused on ensuring there are consistent layouts and technologies in every room.  

Companies regard high-definition video conferencing, integration with calendaring applications and a consistent set of collaboration tools as the latest conference room technology. Further down the list were digital whiteboards -- deemed "vital" by 21.1% of enterprises -- voice assistants (18%) and AI integration (16.7%).

Cloud has enabled simple to use meeting applications with innovative marketing tools. The number of these communication tools has increased considerably. From video distribution and wireless presentations to room control, scheduling, and interactive digital signage - modern conference room technology can help improve collaboration and meeting outcomes. 

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