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Phone systems may not be the most talked about technology when compared with broadband, email or mobile phones - but they are one of the most important and valuable tools for communication in a modern office - and getting the right one can be a tricky business.

There are a lot of important considerations to evaluate - particularly as a small concern - when buying a phone system.

Reasons to invest in a phone system as a small business

Many customers like the security and peace of mind of calling a company on a landline. It presents a professional image, and a well-installed system, with extension numbers across a whole organisation, gives an air of professionalism.

A landline makes a company look like it has competent systems in place, and supports a workforce across multiple locations whilst creating a coordinated and organised impression.

With technological developments in telephony come hi-tech features that can help businesses grow - these features are not well known.

For example - landline numbers can be re-routed to mobile telephones so that calls can be taken on the go. There is video conferencing features, internet based call handling and touch screens – a far cry from the stereotypical office phone.

These types of advances used to be expensive and were confined to large corporations - now falling costs in production have resulted in these systems being accessible to small businesses too.

This presents opportunities for small business to compete with larger business competitors.

Consider What Support is Included

Often companies will go to three different suppliers to get quotes on telecom systems - and then run with the cheapest. That does make some sense – why would you spend more than you need to?

One of the issues, though, is that some suppliers will slash prices, and, because of this, not offer a suitable level of support afterwards. DataKom has a knowledgeable and experienced team of local engineers, who pride themselves on the service they provide - unlike other companies in the marketplace who lack the staff to provide proper aftercare to customers.

At the other end of the scale, large corporations are very bureaucratic, and it can take forever for them to respond to support queries. DataKom acquires a large amount of business from customers who are struggling to get support from the big corporate telecoms firms, and switch to us for the more proactive and localised support that we offer.

In summary, always make sure you are comparing like-for-like. Support is hard to quantify, so using a company like DataKom - with a track-record and resources, (but one that is small enough to care) is important.

Get Good Advice

The key is to get good advice, tailored to your situation. You need a system that is fit for purpose, but at the same time is affordable.

We pride ourselves on giving independent advice. We always come to see prospective clients for a no-obligation consultation - we think there is more to supplying phone systems than selling you whichever one we believe is best.

Buying a phone system can be difficult. Many phone companies will try and sell you the most expensive option. They will ask for your budget, and find a system that uses that up.

Our approach is completely different – we start with what you need, what you plan to use the system for, and then advise you on your options. We then try to find a system that is the most suitable and affordable selection for you.

We also welcome people coming to see us – if you are in the South Wales area, do drop in!

To learn how we can help you – fill in our quote form or call us on 01656 334455.

Don’t Overspend

If you are setting up a telecoms system and you want something comprehensive, it can be tempting to get a system that has all the possible features. Many businesses feel that they are future-proofing themselves by growing into the system they decide on - most will never need such an array of features.

It may seem surprising that a business telephone system company advises you against this, but our approach is, and always will be, to try and remain impartial and objective.

Our business is based on solid decisions, referrals and repeat business - so we want happy customers who have bought the right system.

If you create a roadmap of how you feel you will be using your phones in 2 or 3 years, you can get a feel for what will suit your needs.

It is worth investing in a great system, but don’t overspend.

If you are on a tight budget, you may feel an entry level system is going to be sufficient for your needs. However, as you are already investing in a phone system, you might as well invest a little more - build in some growth provision - and get the ideal system for your business.

A good place to start would be to survey your staff with a list of the features that are available, and by doing this, you will understand which features your employees will really need.

You may find that implementing additional features will make them more efficient, and either save or make you more money, (hopefully both).

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