Bonded Broadband

Bonded broadband is a relatively new technology that bridges the gap between a typical DSL or cable connection to provide an alternative to expensive upgrades. If your business location, like so many, is restricted by exchange, a limitation on data speeds, and you are in need of additional speed to cope with business demand - then bonded broadband will provide the ultimate solution for you.

Bonded Broadband

Many businesses have substantially increased their dependence on internet connections. They are are finding that a basic ADSL line no longer supports all of their data requirements. One option that can significantly increase speed and offer “must need” resilience is Bonded Broadband or ADSL Bonding. In simple terms, Bonded Broadband is where multiple ADSL lines are combined into one single connection offering improved download and upload speeds. Bonded Broadband is a cost effect solution for businesses as the requirements of internet connectivity continues to increase exponentially.

While the concept of Bonded Broadband is simple, the process of joining ADSL lines requires specialist processing, the splitting of lines and then the recombination of data streams. DataKom has developed a particular technical solution for your Bonded Broadband - which is split at your premises then re-combined at the hub data centre. Bonded broadband works by connecting your existing routers to our network bonding equipment, which links up to 8 services together. For example, if you received 10MB down (1MB up for each service), by using 4 bonded services you will receive up to 40MB down (4MB up). All services combine and provide a single static IP address (though more can be requested) that ensures if any one or more services lose connection, the packets will translate to the other services, ensuring you receive no downtime whatsoever.

Two levels of bonding occur, one within your premises using our equipment and the other before your service hitting the network exchanges. There is an approximate 7% loss using bonded broadband. However, the gains can be up to 80MB across all lines. One bond does result in a drop of approximately 7%  in overall speed. However, the increased speed gain from the bond along with an inherent resilience compensates for this.


  • Much improved upload & download speeds
  • Zero data congestion
  • Increased resilience
  • More reliable internet connection
  • Easily expandable


Business Case Study

We were approached by a worldwide manufacturing company, specialising in printed materials, who were receiving a low quality network exchange using a basic ADSL service.

The company was receiving 1MB down, 512Kbps up, which meant their large design team spent several hours each day waiting to upload image files, costing the company several hundred thousand pounds a year in downtime.

We recommended a multiple bonded broadband solution that used the available LLU circuits to increase speed, and we upgraded the existing ADSL to LLU, installing three new LLU circuits with additional bonding equipment in place.

The Result:

The LLU upgrade increased from 1MB to 2.2MB and doubled upload to 1MB. The bonded solution of 4 circuits provided the company with a speed of 8.1MB (7% loss across 4 bonded) and a 3.72MB upload. General productivity increased substantially and speeds increased over 800% against their previous system.

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Is Internet Connectivity Critical to Your Business?

If your business utilises such technologies as VoIP for your communications systems or you have multiple computers/ devices accessing large amounts of data or if you are relying on the internet to take payments, a dedicated line must be a consideration. If you have ever lost an internet connection at a crucial time, you will know the importance of this “tweak” to your system.

From as little as £195 per month your business can have peace of mind - knowing that your internet connection will not let you down.

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