Dedicated Broadband

Your Own Dedicated Broadband Connection With All The Bandwidth You Need

At DataKom, we provide dedicated broadband connections to business owners across South and North Wales - as well as the rest of the UK. Our dedicated broadband service will give you a secure, practical and cost effective data connection. Leased lines, otherwise known as Dedicated Broadband, will provide your business with the connection speeds and reliability your business needs, making them ideal for any company needing a fast, reliable, non-contended internet connection. Internet leased lines are ideal for businesses that require a dedicated line to their ISP (Internet service provider) with no traffic sharing, shaping or loss of service.

Leased lines are common with large companies and organisations needing to move data safely and securely between several local or national sites. Also for small and medium-sized enterprises where an internet connection is critical to the running of their business and where any downtime can result in significant loss of commerce. DataKom provides dedicated broadband connections to business sites across South Wales, North Wales as well as other UK business sites.

Our dedicated Broadband packages start from only £195 (+VAT) per month. At DataKom, we specialise in dedicated leased line packages tailored to your exact business requirements. If you need a dedicated line with synchronous (same speeds for both upload & downloads) connection, we will customise a package for your business, based on your usage, location and current equipment. All of our dedicated broadband packages come with a comprehensive SLA (Service Level Agreement) relevant to your package.

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Benefits of Dedicated Broadband

  • Non-contended service means consistently fast internet access
  • Improved broadband speeds 
  • Comprehensive SLA (Service Level Agreement) relevant to your package

Dedicated Leased Lines

If your business requires consistency, reliability and accessibility for your internet connectivity, and telecommunications applications, you might consider a Dedicated Leased Line. A Dedicated Leased Line will provide your business with a fixed-broadband width connection for the sole use of your business. These high-capacity circuits are used by corporate offices to link to the internet, allowing for vast amounts of data to be transferred.

Another benefit of a Dedicated Leased Line is for connecting multiple departments to the local networks forming a wide-area-network and thus allowing for all facilities to share their information technology resources. A Dedicated Leased Line will also allow phone calls and staff to connect to the network from home utilising a VPN.

Another advantage is expanded service level contracts - if your broadband connection goes down your business will not be offline for days. Our service agreements will guarantee fixes within 4-6 hours - usually within a few hours. Ordering a Dedicated Leased Line from DataKom will also provide your business with 24/7 monitoring for any faults or issues so that any system downtime can be minimised and faults rectified during your closed period.

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EoFTTC Broadband

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) widely known as Superfast Broadband, offers broadband speeds up to 80Mb along with non-contended connections to your business. For firms that use VoIP and other cloud applications, EoFTTC is a great solution for reliability and improved speeds at a reasonable price. Backed by a 6 hour, business grade SLA, you can trust that your connection is prioritised.

EoFTTC differs from FTTC in that you will have the benefits of a standard FTTC connection (high upload/download speeds) along with the added advantage of it being an Ethernet Service. Thus providing your business with greatly improved broadband speeds and increased resilience, without the heavy price tag of EFM (Ethernet the First Mile).

Also with contention removed your broadband speeds will be consistent, no dips with peak usage, so no loss in productivity. As an added bonus, EoFTTC can be quickly provisioned and implemented, approximately 20-45 days.

See how your business can start using Superfast business grade broadband, EoFTTC today.

EFM Internet

EFM Internet or Ethernet for First Mile is a leased line option for broadband connectivity via our copper network. This technology opens up the possibility for a small business or SME's to utilise a Broadband connection at lower prices than with a full fibre Leased Line.

EFM broadband offers businesses symmetrical bandwidth speeds averaging 10-14MB. The benefit of symmetrical bandwidth means the upstream and downstream speeds are equal, allowing for consistency for your broadband.

Such technologies such as VoIP and VPN work especially well with an EFM Internet line. EFM lines also provide a cost effective solution for telecoms utilising cloud-based applications.


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