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The ability to connect to the internet is integral to almost every business today. Depending on how business critical your internet connection is, will determine the type of broadband and connectivity that you need. At DataKom, we specialise in Data Internet Connectivity. We can help you find the best solution for your business - whether you require local connections within your office, or you are looking to incorporate the latest technologies to run over your data connections.

A simplified definition of "Data" is any information - be it images, video, voice applications or other content - shared over a connection - most often via telephone lines. Data is bundled and transferred over structured cables/lines or via a wireless network. Today, technology provides companies’ with new tools to maximise their data streams offering many new advantages and opportunities to revolutionise their business.

Our data network installation services are always evolving to keep your data network operating to the highest degree by using the latest technology products and quality cabling. Our telecom experts know that your data network is crucial to the smooth running of any business operation.

At DataKom, we use several suppliers to offer you the best possible broadband solutions for your business. Our telecom consultants will advise you on the correct type of cabling and connectivity - based on your business needs - and recommend the best solution for both cost-savings and improvements to internet speeds. For this reason, we are always updating our supplier portfolio to cater for the specific requirements of our customers, (our standard circuit providers include BT, Opal/TalkTalk, C&W, and Murphx).

Our in-house support team will manage the entire operation - from the initial discussion to installation - as well as ongoing in–house support. You can rest assured that all your data and internet connectivity requirements are considered.

From standard ADSL, LLU, Bonded, SDSL, Leased Lines, Satellite Broadband, Fibre FTTC/FTTP and Data cabling our fully qualified engineering team can install, support and maintain your lines. We also install Excel and Molex CAT cabling complete with a 25-year guarantee!

If you have been considering your internet options recently - talk to us to discover what we can do for you today.

We were recommended to use DataKom by another business on Walter Road, Swansea. We needed to work with a company who could support our growing needs as a business and Datakom have done that for us. The 24/7 support and accountability we receive gives us the confidence that we know our telecoms are in safe hands.

Charles Perrett Property Ltd

What impresses me most about the Datakom Team is that they always deliver what they promise. We have used them for a number of different telecom needs, from mobiles to their new KloudWiFi system and they have always provided an excellent service, from their engineers to their MD. We would now consider them an integral part of our business and would happily refer them to any DWA customers

Stephen Griffiths, DWA Accountants

Had a very good experience with Datakom when helping us move offices and the running of our phone systems. Daniel, Louisa and all the team were very helpful with any issues we had. Would recommend them when looking for phone systems and phone lines.

Alex Hambly, Crane and Lifting Services Ltd

From start to finish everything was hassle free. DataKom also upgraded our business broadband last year and this has made a positive difference to our business, improving service to our customers, and increasing the amount of services we can now provide using the additional bandwidth. Customer service is fast and friendly, engineers professional, and sales team are very helpful. Highly recommended.

Paul Finch, EPS construction

Great service and staff, very refreshing and convenient to deal with local people. From the initial consultation with Ashley Beckett, all the way to "up & running" the service was seamless. All of the staff and engineers are friendly & professional, any queries we have had along the way have been dealt with swiftly and we are now getting much more value for our money. Thank You Datakom - Keep leading the way!

Barbara Rees Estate Agent

Which Type of Broadband Connection Will Work for Your Business?

Satellite Broadband

 Satellite Broadband is an excellent solution when you have either limited - or - no options for internet connectivity in your area. Speeds up to 20Mbps. 

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ADSL/VDSL Broadband

Suitable for smaller business with basic internet usage needs and less dependent. Speeds range from 8 Mbps to 24Mbps. 

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Bonded Broadband 

For businesses who require faster broadband but your exchange does not support fiber broadband yet, then bonded provides the best solution. 

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Dedicated Broadband

 Leased lines, also known as Dedicated Broadband are ideal for any company needing a fast, reliable, non-contended internet connection. Speeds up to 1G. 

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Broadband Speeds

ADSL/ADSL2+ Broadband

Conventional broadband carried via copper wires from your main exchange to the street cabinet directly into your premises. Dependent on the distance from street cabinet to your premises you can expect broadband speeds up to 24Mbps. 

FTTC/Fibre to the Cabinet 

Broadband speeds can be greatly increased with FTTC Fibre Broadband installations. Utilisting fibre-optic cabling running from the local exchange to your street cabinet, with copper connecting into your offices. Expect an upgrade in speeds up to 80Mbps. 

FTTP/Full Fibre to Premises

FTTP delivers the best speeds with most consistent connection. Full fibre-optic cabling from your local exchange uninterrupted into your premises can give speeds up to 1G with little to no attenuation. If data connectivity is critical to your business then FTTP is the right choice for your business. 

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