Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband is an excellent solution when you have either limited - or - no options for internet connectivity in your area. Simple installations, using a small dish on the outside of your business along with a set-up box inside, mean that you will be able to be connected to fast, reliable broadband, no matter where you are located. Once your satellite dish is installed, you will connect as you would to a conventional network or even connect wirelessly, allowing you to be able to access the latest internet services.

From only £14.99 per month, a Satellite Broadband connection is an affordable solution to get your business connected. DataKom, a leading telecom company, based in South Wales has been helping clients with Satellite Broadband installations and connectivity for over five years.

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Satellite Broadband

If your office is in a rural area that does not yet have access to ADSL or VDSL broadband lines, satellite broadband is an option for you. Satellite broadband, utilising a satellite dish to provide you with two-way access connecting you to broadband services such as the internet. Satellite broadband is a good option while you are waiting for universal broadband coverage to be available or if you require a great backup solution to overhead/underground cabling.


  • Perfect solution if no fixed-line broadband access is available
  • Can work anywhere in the world
  • Great temporary solution for remote offices or building sites
  • Provides a reliable connectivity
  • Good backup option if terrestrial services are disrupted
  • Fast installation- Satellite service can be instantly deployed & installed
  • Completely mobile, great solution if you need to maintain connectivity when travelling between locations
  • Can be installed & deployed within 24 hours of ordering

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