DataKom Can Help You Find the Best Mobile Network for Your Business 

A number of factors will come into play when choosing a network provider for business mobile packages - from base costs and coverage, to the range of contracts, tariffs and handsets available. Finding the best provider to suit your business needs can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially with so many offering the same features.

At DataKom, we pride ourselves on offering not only the best customer support and service, but we also work with you to come up with bespoke business mobile packages so that you do not have to sift through multiple providers and settle for products that you do not want.

Having provided business mobile phone services since 2007, DataKom are experts - when it comes to mobile network coverage and the tariffs, features, and overall benefits of having mobile phones -  DataKom also keep a watch over your bills for any hidden 'extras' or costs.

Expanding on our years of experience working with Vodafone, O2 and EE, we have compiled some basic guidelines of each network’s key features:

DataKom: Mobile

  • 99.95% UK coverage 
  • We utilise both O2 & Vodafone’s strong signals
  • 30 day plans and 12 month contracts
  • SIM only & SIM plus phone plans available
  • Free calls to your DataKom landline


  • 90% coverage throughout the UK
  • 30 day, 12 and 24 Month Contracts
  • Choose from SIM only or SIM plus Phone plans
  • Widest handset range available
  • Free Access to BT Wi-Fi Hotspots


  • 98% coverage throughout the UK
  • Has the widest 4G coverage at over 80%
  • 30 day plans, and 12 month and 24 month contracts
  • SIM only and SIM and phone plans available
  • Voted the most reliable network


  • 99% coverage throughout the UK
  • SIM only and SIM and phone plans available
  • 1 & 30 month SIM only plans
  • 12 & 24 month SIM and phone contracts
  • Free Access to 10,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots

DataKom: Mobile- All the Difference for Your Business

Are you looking for a business mobile phone contract with the flexibility that you need for your business? Why not consider DataKom:Mobile for your business mobile? As an independent we are not tied to only one network provider, this allows us to find you the best tariffs, packages and solutions for your business. 


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