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Business Mobile Phones: SIM only & SIM plus Phone Contracts

Are you a company based in Wales or South West England that needs business mobile phones for their employees? Then look no further than DataKom. We are Wales’ fastest growing business-to-business telecom company!

As an independent business, we work with the UK’s leading network providers, Vodafone, EE and O2.

This not only ensures we have a comprehensive range of SIM only, and SIM plus mobile phone plans available but offer a great selection of the latest mobile phones.

Not being tied to just one supplier enables us to provide unbiased advice on the most suitable business mobile phone contracts. This also allows us to negotiate the best tariffs and prices to suit your business.

Not only that, but we also manage your account in-house, keeping track of your bills and any additional outgoings so that we can notify you of any overuse or extra charges before they become a costly issue.

Can’t find a business mobile phone contract you like on one of the leading networks?

Our independent network, DataKom:Mobile, offers our customers complete flexibility, from 12 month SIM plus phone contracts, to 30-day rolling plans. Being backed by O2 and Vodafone’s signal, we are also able to provide an impressive 99.95% coverage throughout the UK.

If you want affordability with flexibility - as well as someone to take away the day to day worry of a mobile business account - then DataKom is your answer. Contact us today!

Complete In-house Account Management

We do not just provide account management for customers of DataKom:Mobile, our own independent network. In fact, even if your business mobile phone contract is with Vodafone, O2 or EE, as a DataKom customer, we’ll still manage your account at no extra charge!

At DataKom, we go the extra mile to help our customers - we help you choose the best mobile phone contract for your business needs - we’ll even set up your handsets if needed.

With continued support and advice for your mobile business account, choosing DataKom as your preferred Business Mobile provider is a natural choice.

As a business ourselves, we understand that keeping costs to a minimum is a priority.

Our in-house account management team will oversee and review your monthly bills, keep track and notify you of any further charges that may be due.

This helps you to avoid any hidden ‘extras’, which have you paying for; additional services you neither wanted nor needed.

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