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70% of any business’s first contact with a supplier or customer is via the telephone, so the first impression really counts. DataKom listens to our customer needs and highly recommends “auto attendant” which answers all your incoming calls automatically - ensuring you do not miss a single one - and allows the caller to press a number for the department they require. For example, 1 for sales, 2 for support and so on. When purchasing a telephone system you can record your own messages - but -did you know that you could have the messages recorded professionally within a fully compliant audio centre? We also highly recommend thinking about what happens when you place a customer on hold? Alternatively, while they wait for someone to answer the call?

DataKom is now working in partnership with Fresh Air Studio’s to provide fantastic pricing on all your "on hold" music productions, greetings, or just general information messages.

Have a listen to the samples below - or contact DataKom today to enquire further about bespoke voiceover options for your telephone system.

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Personalise your Voiceover Options

It is your business; so it should be your choice regarding the reception your company gives to its telephone visitors. Our professional voiceover services use recognised industry professionals to record your greetings, messages and announcements. Choose from male or female voices - along with creative intonations that fit with your business profile. If you are interested in adding "on hold" music, there are various fully licenced options for you to choose. Have a listen to more samples below. If you have never considered what your customers experience - discover how we can help you. Get in touch today.


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Choose from Male or Female voiceovers with corporate, bright and more options to personalise your messages.

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Please note: The final music production is fully licensed for on-hold use by the licensee only, and does not require a PRS licence. 

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