Medium to large business telephone systems

20 plus users. UCP (IP)

iPECS UCP(IP) Business Telephone System from Ericsson-LG, utilising the latest VoIP technologies and providing Unified Communications across your business.

Simple Unified Communications with an IP Phone System

Building Blocks for Your Unified Communications Strategy From DataKom

Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation, the future of phone systems is in utilising IP or voice over IP (VoIP), which is in essence using the internet to handle all of your communication traffic, be it voice, video or data. iPECS UCP from Ericsson-LG is an IP based phone system designed specifically to combine your voice, video & data communications into one simple system using your IP infrastructure. As a platinum partner with Ericsson-LG, DataKom has been providing businesses across the UK and South and North Wales with scalable Unified Communications phone system solutions to improve productivity, employ the latest technologies and keep ahead of their competitors.

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Simple UC

Users can use voice, video, IM, conference calling, and visual voice along with more experience enhancing tools, in one simple, easy to use platform.


The ability to have all of your communication tools integrated within the iPECS UC platform. iPECS UC even allows for Microsoft Outlook(registered) integration.

Reliable & Resilient

Rest assured knowing that your business communications are completely adaptable. iPECS UC designed with modular architecture and versatility in mind.

Latest Technologies

Using the latest network technologies such as SIP, your call costs can be optimised using Wi-Fi and built-in voice conferencing.

Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity

iPECS UC is the perfect solution for harnessing the power of Unified Communications regardless or your device or location. The best option for businesses with home workers.

Scalable Growth

Designed to deliver a sustainable option for future growth. iPECS UC is built to adapt to your changing needs.

Bring unified communication to your business:

A unified communication strategy makes for seamless communication across multiple devices, using the latest applications.

  • Connect to your iPECS system directly from your smartphone
  • Access video calls from your handset/smartphone
  • Sync contacts and schedules with Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Integrate with your compatible CRM system
  • Click-to-call from Outlook
  • Make calls from wherever you are in the world
  • Save on international rates and tariffs
  • Support employees working from home

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