Small business telephone systems

1-20 users. emg80 (Hybrid)

The perfect solution for companies employing 1-12 employees or you are looking to utilise both analogue & digital functionality in one business telephone system.

Powerful & Reliable Hybrid Phone System

As a small business, it is paramount that you make the best choices when investing in the latest technologies. The iPECS eMG80 Hybrid Digital Telephone System will place your business at the forefront of communications technology by offering modern features such as voicemail to email, call forwarding and auto-attendant functionality. The eMG80 phone system offers hybrid connectivity, meaning you can still utilise your existing analogue lines as well as providing expandability to advanced network technologies such as VoIP and SIP trunking, without needing to re-invest in additional equipment or systems. DataKom alongside Ericsson-LG does not only offer the best Hybrid Communications Solutions but also provides a future-proof solution for your business.

Simple & Cost Effective

New users quickly grasp the key points of their handsets and desktop interfaces. Users can use video, IM, audio & video conferencing as well as make voice calls from just one platform. There is no need to invest in new or additional cabling.

Feature Rich

Voicemail, auto-attendant, voicemail to email, smartphone integration and on-demand call recording are just a few of the features available straight from the box with no expensive licences to keep up to date.

Seamless & Affordable Expandability

Start small with 2-20 users. The iPECS eMG80 will seamlessly grow to more than 48 ports allowing for over 48 users providing cost-effective communications to small & growing businesses with affordable expansion for medium size businesses.

In-built Flexibility

Flexible architecture ensures the iPECS eMG80 can be adapted for your individual business requirements. In-built specialist features will deliver a specialised solution to every user. Utilising both digital and analogue connectivity your business can take advantage of the latest technologies, as well as employing existing infrastructures for their benefit.

Bring unified communication to your business:

A unified communication strategy makes for seamless communication across multiple devices, using the latest applications.

  • Connect to your iPECS system directly from your smartphone
  • Access video calls from your handset/smartphone
  • Sync contacts and schedules with Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Integrate with your compatible CRM system
  • Click-to-call from Outlook
  • Make calls from wherever you are in the world
  • Save on international rates and tariffs
  • Support employees working from home

Want to know more about unified communications?

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