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As a business it is vital that you make the best choices when investing in the latest technologies - ensuring that you not only plan for the future - but maximise your potential today.

Are you looking for a business landline or phone line for your business in Wales?  Whether you are in Swansea, Cardiff, Bridgend, Wrexham, Aberystwyth, Bangor or Carmarthen – or anywhere else in Wales and the South West – we can help you.

If you are a brand new startup, you need to make sure you choose a phone line provider who is responsive and reliable. We are told of customers who wait for days or weeks, with the big providers, for a new phone connection, or even just a service call when their lines go down.

As an independent business we can respond quickly and effectively - whatever the problem. If you are looking for a new provider - you may be looking for a better deal - or you may be unhappy with the service you are receiving - we have featured in the media for our service excellence - as an award winning company, you can trust us with your telecoms. 

We have one of the largest engineering departments in the country for a company of our size – our focus is on service rather than sales. If you are moving offices, it can be a great time to switch.  We can often cover the cost of the remainder of your current contract and get you on board with our excellent service and competitive prices.

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Which Type of Phone Line is Right For My Business?

Small Business 1 Line

Analogue/PSTN Line (Premium/Basic)

A standard telephone line, similar to a home phone line with improved care levels to ensure your business is prioritised over domestic customers. A typical installation consists of a standard telephone box installed to your wall. These lines are often required for faxes, broadband, bankcard machines and by small businesses to make voice calls.

Small Business Up to 4 lines

Multi PSTN Lines

Multi lines provide ‘multiple’ Analogue/PSTN lines to your business. The benefits of this mean you have access to more than one call, per phone number, giving your business greater flexibility. For example, you may have two standard telephone boxes installed - you could be engaged on one line with the other line still available to make & receive calls - with both lines utilising the same phone number. Multi-lines increase in increments of one and are often used for phone systems.

Medium Business up to 8 lines


ISDN2e lines are mainly installed for the use of businesses that utilise telephone systems. Lines are then referred to as ‘channels’. ISDN2e lines allow for a greater number of channels (lines) with up to a total of 8 telephone calls on one number. Businesses which utilise ISDN2e lines are companies requiring the ability to make and receive multiple calls at any one time. Increased flexibility allows for additional ‘DDI’ numbers to be used which mean multiple numbers for additional businesses sharing the system or even just a direct dial for individuals/groups. This can also allow for additional features from a business telephone system.

Medium Business up to 30 channels


ISDN30e channels are used within large companies to enable multiple conversations at any one time. This technology starts with a minimum of 8 channels up to a maximum of 30 on one circuit; additional circuits can be added with a number of DDI’s. ISDN30e lines let your business harness the latest technologies of current phone systems and provide excellent customer experience when contacting your business.

VOIP for Small, Medium, Large Businesses


VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol that allows for various types of communications to happen. SIP (sometimes known as VOIP) allows for voice, calls, video and chat (among other multimedia) sessions to be connected concurrently.

Most commonly used for the larger business that is looking to access cloud-based applications and IP-based voice channels for their communications portal alongside their business telephone system. Due to the increase within hosted telephony, VOIP is now quite common to smaller businesses seeking high-end technology systems.

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