Benefits of a Virtual Telephone Number

Virtual telephone numbers, including Memorable 0800 numbers, provide all the same benefits as fixed landline phone numbers and do not cost any more. They do however provide some other exceptional benefits to businesses such as memorable numbers or giving your business a local presence. Our smart call forwarding solutions allow you to take control of your inbound calls to ensure your business is communicating successfully at all times.

At DataKom we provide all our inbound call diversion customers with an online portal, which allows instant control over any of the businesses inbound numbers, you can log in 24/7 to make changes to any of your numbers, call forwarding, voicemail and 1:1 services.


Advertise Your Local Business Anywhere in the UK

A geo-targeted telephone number will allow you to advertise your business ‘locally’ no matter where your office is based. Consider - if you have a national business and would like to be seen in the local markets, a virtual telephone number will instantly give your business a local or regional presence. Calls can be received on your advertised local number and routed to your central offices.

Another reason for utilising a geo number is that if your business is based just outside of a larger city, the ability to advertise in that market with a geo-targeted phone number can open your business up to new customers and opportunities.

For instance, if you are just outside of Bristol, with an area code of 01454 - with Tockington only 10 miles away - the ability to advertise your business with a 0117, Bristol area code will open your business up to a much larger market.

We can also provide Memorable advertising numbers with the prefix, 0800, 0300, 0845, 0844, 0870 or 0871.

Use a Memorable Number

The ability to advertise your business with a number that is easy to remember is a great boon for any business. There are thousands of memorable numbers that you can choose from. A memorable number will give your business an edge - by providing your customers with a phone number they can easily recall when they need to contact you or require your services.

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Never Need to Change Your Contact Number

A virtual telephone number for your business is great bet should you ever decide to relocate. It is not only costly setting up your new number, but the outlay of reprinting marketing materials such as signs and business cards can be costly. Not to mention lost business from customers using your old number.   With a virtual telephone number, you will be able to keep the same one, no matter where are located, you will simply re-route your virtual number to your new destination.

Conduct Business No Matter Where You Are in the World

It is not only annoying to miss a call; a missed call is potential lost business. Whether you are on another call, in a different location or busy on a job, a virtual number will allow you to re-route calls, transfer or place callers on hold. This will give your company a polished presence, as well as a guarantee that you will not miss the call, no matter where you might be.

If you like the idea of a virtual number and would like to find out more - please call us. 

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